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Development Environment and FECs / SCUs

Information on names and details of development computers and FECs:

Development computers

At GSI the following computers can be used to design, code, compile and link FESA classes and equipment:
  • asl740, asl741, asl742, asl743, asl744 ( CentOS (acc7), 64-bit architecture, FESA3 4.0.0 and later )

Computers for Testing

At GSI the following computers can be used to test and debug FESA equipment: ( Linux NICE prioity >10 required for all threads or start flag -noRTSched )
  • asl740, asl741, asl742, asl743, asl744 (FESA3 4.0.0 and later, 64-bit architecture, no RT priority, no root privileges, no timing network, not possible to connect hardware)

FECs for Testing

The following front end computers may be used for testing purposes. This list may not be up-to-date (02/2016).

If you are going to use one of the front end computers, please first get the 'ok' from the other users working on that system and then register yourself in the list:
name system-info boot from location currently used by
scul016 SCU, i686 acc5 tea-chamber k.konhaeuser
scul022 SCU, i686 acc6 tea-chamber d.beck
scul023 SCU, i686 acc6 tea-chamber v.rapp
scuxl0019 SCU, x86_64 acc6 tea-chamber a.schwinn , a.hahn
scul060 SCU, i686, ACU is attached acc6 tea-chamber p.kainberger
scul019f SCU, i686, ACU is attached ??? tea-chamber m.wiebel
scul020f SCU, i686, ACU is attached ??? tea-chamber m.wiebel
kp1cg01 VME-GuP, PPC acc5 tea-chamber l.hechler
kp1cg25 VME-GuP, PPC acc6 tea-chamber l.hechler
kp1cg26 VME-GuP, PPC acc5 tea-chamber p.kainberger

Virtual FECs

A list of the virtual FECs is available here: .

Productive FECs

  • NEW 2019 should be able to have nomenclatures in parallel as described here:
  • To consider:
    • for FEC configuration of a FESA3 deploy-unit this means that the FEC folder still has to be named like the original hostname of the FEC (unexpected!)
    • logging in to the FEC also requires the original hostname (unexpected!)
    • retrieving log messages from the booting FEC also requires the original hostname (unexpected!)
    • if nomenclatures for FEC names are used in capital letters they cannot be distuingished anymore from common device names at first sight
    • ...

FEC Configuration

All FEC's share the same basic structure of an Initrd Based Linux System.

Information about boot-configuration: Start on EmbeddedSystems.

Information on how to initially set the PXE links for the Linux image and RAM disk.

Information about the file system for FEC's: FEC file system.

NEW 06/2019: Hostnames / GSI nomenclatures as FEC names:

Available RAM disk configurations

March 2018 it was decided to keep the RAM disk environment more closely synchronized with the development machines ( The default configuration file will now use a link to the current image. This will not need to be changed in the future unless reverting to an old image.

To update an SCU from original Centos7 to current:

cd /common/tftp/csco/pxe/pxelinux.cfg
unlink scuxl9999
ln -s scuxl scuxl9999

Configuration File Image Libraries Kernel
scuxl scuxl/current acc7 latest 3.10.101-rt111
scuxl.el7 scuxl/el7 acc7 2017 3.10.101-rt111
microioc scuxl acc6 2016  
microioc.el7 scuxl/el7 acc7 2017 3.10.101-rt111
microioc.current scuxl/current acc7 latest 3.10.101-rt111

General Connection Issues

Note: If you want to connect to one of these computers from outside the accelerator network you have to add the suffix to the name. E.g.:
ssh -X
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