Timing Receiver: Usage

For using a Timing Receiver (TR) please follow the directions here.

What is Needed

  • TR hardware, see here what is supported by the current release
  • IMPORTANT: prior to connecting the TR to a White Rabbit network, the device must be registered
  • host system - there are two choices
    1. Front-End Computer (FEC) supported by ACO->INN
      1. check, that timing Run-Time Environment is enabled; @2020, this just requires to create a symbolic link, see here
      2. reboot the FEC
    2. host systeme managed by yourself; this is not supported by ACO but we have prepared a how-to
      1. check out git repository
      2. build at least 'etherbone', 'driver', 'tools', 'saftlib'
      3. install
      4. (reboot)
      5. (non-sudo access to drivers requires being a member of the 'wishbone' group)


  • make yourself familiar using the command line tools
  • for developing your own applications check out the following
    • saftlib, see here for documentation and examples
    • etherbone, see here for documentation and examples

When trying or testing things it is convenient to receive timing messages at the input of the ECA.
  • standalone operation: use saft-ctl -> inject, or saft-dm
  • standard operation: setting up patterns is done via operators in the the main control room (production system)


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