How-To: Monitoring via Web Pages


This How-To describes how to do monitoring via web pages.


Some web pages are only accessible on the GSI campus. Several options exist to access those pages outside GSI.
  • remote login such as 'Citrix'
  • ssh tunnel with SOCKS proxy (try 'ssh -D 9999' and configure browser to SOCKS port 9999)
  • ssh network tunnel

Some pages require credentials.


Service Purpose Link
OLOG get info on operation click
Graylog diagnostic logging click
REST show resident patterns click
REST show pattern groups click
GSI RF Monitoring RF status and "Strahltrafo" click
Radiation Monitors radiation levels at NE areas click
Timing Grafana view various stats for PRO click
Table: Some web services.

Diagnostic Logging

Diagnostic logging is provided by Graylog.
  • select stream 'All Messages'
  • select time span (upper left)
  • select search criteria (below upper left)
  • select 'saved searches' (upper right)

Saved Search Purpose Remark Author Search String
'AW bss control' BSS for experts   AW
'AW scheduling app' scheduling for experts   AW
'DB BPC Live Display' BPC live display format: 'BPCID: source-via-target [UNI virtAcc]' DB program:saft-lcd
'DB GMT Error (Produktivsystem)' errors in WR networks 'Production' & 'UNILAC'   DB (source:scuxl0302 OR source:scuxl0338 OR source:scuxl0283 OR source:tsl017 OR source:scuxl0187 OR source:scuxl0257 OR source:scuxl0359 OR source:scuxl0183) AND message:error
'DB GMT Node Authentication FAILED nodes rejected by 802.1X includes MAC, WRS port DB program:radiusd AND message:timingswitch AND message:Reject
'DB GMT Node Authentication OK nodes accepted by 802.1X includes MAC, WRS port DB program:radiusd AND message:timingswitch AND message:"Login OK"
'DB NW Diagnostic INT/PRO/UNI' diagnostic data for WR network detailed How-To DB source:scuxl0302 OR source:scuxl0338 OR source:scuxl0283
'DB TR Bootinfo' link up/down, WR state/MAC/IP, FPGA uptime/version, host RTE/ramdisk   DB message:trinfo
'DB UNILAC Anforderung' Request UNILAC from SIS18 (Gateway DM<->PZ) detailed How-To DB source:scuxl0223
'DB UNIPZ (WR)' UNILAC Pulszentrale (via White Rabbit) detailed How-To DB source:scuxl0183 AND (message:error OR message:DEVACC)
N/A BSS Pattern Changes
Table: Some pre-defined search criteria useful for diagnostics. Disclaimer: No official service, subject to changes.

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