How-To: eb-rest


This tool has been written to easy 'reset of FPGA'. This cycles the FPGA and (re)loads the image from the flash to the FPGA. Use tool is useful for
  • gateware updates via the flash (see How-To: Flash)
  • recovery of a SCU in case the OS has hung up
On a SCU, a 'reset' will also force a reboot of the COM Express board, thus all software like FESA will be hardly terminated (and hopefully restarted after reboot).


Usage: eb-reset [OPTION] <etherbone-device> [command]

  -e               display etherbone version
  -p<t>            after reset, wait for the specified time [s] and probe device
  -h               display this help and exit

  cpuhalt <cpu>    halts a user lm32 CPU
                   specify a single CPU (0..31) or all CPUs (0xff)
  cpureset <cpu>   reset a user lm32 CPU, firmware restarts.
                   specify a single CPU (0..31) or all CPUs (0xff)
  cpustatus        get the 'halt status' of all user lm32 (rightmost bit: CPU 0)
  fpgareset        recycles the entire FPGA (see below)

Use this tool to reset a FPGA or lm32 user CPU(s).

The command 'fpgareset' forces a restart of the entire FPGA using the image stored in the 
flash of the device. Only use this command if the flash contains a valid image (otherwiese
your devices becomes bricked).

Report software bugs to <>
Version 1.0.0. Licensed under the LGPL v3.

  • Using this tool via the White Rabbit network might be unreliable, as unicast UDP packets might get lost. In case of an error message, just try again.
  • Use the '-p' option allows verifying the FPGA is operational again after 'reset'.

-- DietrichBeck - 23 Apr 2018
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