Data Master Manuals

DM Technote: DM Manual. A DM Firmware and API Documentation. WIP, about 80% complete. Still trying to keep up with all the implemented feature requests ...

Documentation of Tests: Documentation of tests. Automated tests are in folder modules/ftm/tests/ (Branch origin/dm-fallout-tests). Documentation is in folder modules/ftm/doc/testdoc/. It describes purpose and steps for each test.

Datamaster Test System Documentation of test system for datamaster on Used for automated tests driven by Jenkins Build Server.

How to Run and Develop Tests for the Datamaster How to run tests for the datamaster locally and how to develop tests with Python and pytest.

Features for UNILAC Datamaster Description of the features for the UNILAC Datamaster.

Documentation of the logging on tsl017 (Datamaster production): TODO.

The library libcarpedm is build and used in the following environments:
Instance OS Build Run Boost-Version
PROD busybox / timing-RTE   run 1.69
INT busybox / timing-RTE   run 1.69
USER busybox / timing-RTE   run 1.69
FESA development     run  
Buildserver Jenkins Rocky9 build run / test 1.75
TTF busybox / timing-RTE   run  
acc75x Rocky9 build run  
Unilac-Int busybox / timing-RTE   run 1.69
Dev busybox / timing-RTE   run 1.69
local development environments   build run  
Jenkins Jobs on Buildserver:
  1. Testing libcarpedm and dm-cmd, dm-sched Links to the build jobs see Datamaster Test System, Jenkins jobs
  2. Testing, scheduleCompare, replaceChain

Branches for Datamaster on bel_projects
I Attachment Action Size Date Who Comment
DM_Branches.odsods DM_Branches.ods manage 41 K 12 Apr 2023 - 08:35 MartinSkorsky List of Datamaster branches in bel_projects, current branches and deleted branches
FTN_dm_schedules.pdfpdf FTN_dm_schedules.pdf manage 2 MB 09 Dec 2020 - 08:35 MathiasKreider DM and carpeDM API Documentation v0.1.10
datamaster-tests.pdfpdf datamaster-tests.pdf manage 748 K 28 Feb 2024 - 14:36 MartinSkorsky Documentation of tests in folder module/ftm/tests
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