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This page documents the configuration of the Clock Master for the other White Rabbit networks (not 'Production').


The Clock Master is the source of clock and time in the Timing System. The following components are involved:


Figure: Linking other White Rabbit networks (blue boxes) to the main 'Production' network (orange boxes). The '10MHz/PPS Generator' (WR-ZEN) is a White Rabbit node connected to the 'Production' network.


Cables and Connections

WR-ZEN Output WRS Input
A 10 MHz
Table: Connection from WR-ZEN to WRS (Clock Master).

WRS 'Clock Master' inputs are directly connected to WR-ZEN outputs. All copper cables are length matched (2m).

One WR-ZEN power supply is connected to standard mains, the other is connected to a UPS.

WR-ZEN Output Config

Output Value
PPS Coarse Offset -104 ns
PPS Width 20000000
PPS Rate 1 PPS
AD9516 Phase Alignment -8 ns
LMK Phase Alignment 0 ns
-- --
AB xPPS Mode Disabled
-- --
A Mode 10M
A FDelay 0 ps
B Mode 10M
B FDelay 0 ps
-- --
C Mode PPS
C Term Adapt 1 MOhm
C FDelay 0 ps
D Mode PPS
D Term Adapt 1 MOhm
D FDelay 0 ps
Table: Configuration of WR-ZEN outputs (status 2019-10-29).

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