BEL projects building HOW-TO



The following packages are required to build BEL projects:

$ sudo apt-get install build-essential flex texinfo libmpfr-dev libncurses5-dev libtool automake
$ sudo apt-get install zlib1g:i386
$ sudo apt-get install docbook-utils


Clone the appropriated source branch:

$ git clone -b proposed_master

Update Submodules:

$ cd bel_projects
$ ./

Next, install hdlmake. We can run the HDLMake install script from the BEL projects root folder. This will create a "lib" folder with the Python packages and a "bin" folder containing the binary:

$ ./

Finally the BEL projects stack expects the Quartus binaries to be found in the enviromental variable PATH:

$ export HDLMAKE_QUARTUS_PATH=/path/to/quratus/bin

And be sure that the Quartus license file is exported too:

$ export LM_LICENSE_FILE=/path/to/License.dat

No you are ready for building the Timing gear:

$ make

-- CesarPrados - 22 Jun 2017
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