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2.0 DeviceControl

2.1 Tool To Access To Devices:

(If DeviceControl is connected to the frontend controller, FESA devices and DeviceAccess devices can be distinguished by the status format in status dialog: From Detailed status Bit 8 the status texts have grey background.)

2.1.1 FESA-Explorer (FESA devices)

To use the FESA Explorer proceed as follows:
  1. use script "fesa-device-info -p devicename "
    You'll get a table with FESA info of the device. You need the info on column "Deploy-Unit.FEC"
  2. call the FESA-Explorer: /common/usr/lobi/bin/fex &. (GUI will open)
  3. select pro environment: dropdown-box on top
  4. press icon leftmost ot load model from disk and look for the zip-file. The name is that of the content in the table of the FESA device info in 1.
  5. select the zip-file and confirm with open.
  6. "Device selection" (upper left): all devices being controlled by the selected FEC are visible
  7. select the device by double click
  8. "Cycle selection" (middle left): Select the context required for device access. Use "any" (default) for non-multiplexed, otherwise select the required context details for multiplexed properties.
    Attention: if you change the context, please remember to confirm by click on button "Change" (middle top)
  9. "Property selection" (bottom left): all properties defined for the selected device are visible. Following types rendered by various icons:
    • Command properties (executing has to be confirmed)
    • Setting properties
    • Acquisiton properties (Get/Set/Subscription)
    Attention: Remember to change the conext if you look for multiplexed (e.g. Acquisition) and non-multiplexed (e.g. Status) properties.
    • Configuration Select property by double click. "Fields"-view (middle top) with all defined properties and the respective values (if exist) opens. Everything else should be obvious.

2.1.2 Equipstate (start by launcher)

Proceed as follows:
  • select context or accelerator zone, device group, device, and finally the property you want to read/write
Attention: Execute readout request per property before a write request.

EquipState uses JAPC framework, FESA-Explorer does not!

All FESA devices use property Status and Power(if necessary).

Specific FESA devices using setting properties by DeviceControl:
  • MotorClass (Steppermotor):
    • Setting (input: numerical)
    • MoveToPosition (input: named position)
    • ToEndPosition (input: 0 = Outer end position, 1 = inner end position)
  • PneuDrive2018 (Pneumatic drive):
    • SettingMode
    • Setting

2.1.2 Prophelper (DeviceAccess)

Devices have to be online!

All DeviceAccess devices use property INFOSTAT (status) and POWER (if necessary).
  • infostat (no selection of virtacc required)
  • power (no selection of virtacc required)

  • Equipment models:
    • DS (Slit, Steppermotor):
      • constant:minPosition,maxPosition (check min. and max.for inner and outer positions, use virtAcc = 0)
      • posiabsi (current actual position,(no selection of virtacc required))
      • posiabss (current set position, (no selection of virtacc required))
      • slitinfo:status,SolPos,IstPos

    • VVC (Gate valve):
      • positi (current actual position, (no selection of virtacc required))
      • posits (current setposition, (no selection of virtacc required))
      • press (current pressure, (no selection of virtacc required))

    • PLA (Pneumatic Actuator):
      • positi (current actual position, (no selection of virtacc required))
      • posits (current setposition, (no selection of virtacc required))

    • MB(Bumper):
      • currents
      • currenti
      • ftimes
      • ftimei
      • para

    • ME (Electrostatic septum):
      • clvolts
      • clvolti
      • clvoltls
      • clvoltli
      • voltages
      • voltagei
      • voltlows
      • voltlowi

    • MK (Kicker):
      • voltrfi
      • voltrfs
      • volttgs
      • volttgi
      • voltrii
      • timdelrf
      • timdeltg
      • timfrtf
      • timfttg

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