Embedded Systems

Frontend computers (FEC) that are running with a ramdisk require the configuration of PXE.

The required information to configure/modify a FEC can be found in TFTPServer, PXE and finally the applications that should be running on the FEC in NFSinit.

For data persistence see NFSdata


Kernel Cmdline

path from server will be mounted read-only to /opt/nfsinit. Any program in /opt/nfsinit/HOSTNAME will be executed on boot.

By default server is the tftp server and path will test /common/usr/export/nfsinit, /common/export/nfsinit, /export/nfsinit, /nfsinit

default linux kernel static ip configuration. If given no dhcp will be used. See https://www.kernel.org/doc/Documentation/filesystems/nfs/nfsroot.txt

timeout (default 30): During boot, wait timeout second for an ip address. panic (default 60): "sh" drop to a shell. "0" Ignore, background dhcp requests are still done. Any other number, wait seconds the reboot.


The following software is baked into the initramfs: Busybox, Dropbear, net-snmp, ldconfig


Is the ramdisk based on el5 or el6?
el5 has libc 2.5, el6 has 2.12. Check on the booted fec by ls /lib/libc*

is it 32bit or 64bit
uname -m. 64bit is called x86_64, 32bit is called i686
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