Function       Update version number in <gup>-<eqmod>.dat or
               <ec>.dat files

Calling        update-dat-version [Options] <Files>

Options        -version=<ss.dd.pp>
                 Set version to 'ss.dd.pp' in <Files>.

                 Create a backup of the original file by appending
                 the extension '.bak'.

Parameter      Files
                 The files to be updated.

                 Usually the GuP or EC dat-files in the directories
                 will be updated.

Description    `update-dat-version' updates the version string
               'ss.dd.pp' to the given version in the given file(s).

               If no version is given, the version string will be
               updated to '10.00.00'.

Note           This script is only necessary if the system versions
               'ss' in the environment variable ACC_VME_SYSVERSION
               and in the <gup>-<eqmod>.dat or <ec>.dat file(s) are

Example        Update all <ec>.dat files of GuP kp1cg01 to 10.00.02.

               $ eqpact 25
               $ cdcpu kp1cg01
               $ update-dat-version -version=10.00.02 -backup ec?/*.dat
               $ diff ec1/kp1cs011.dat ec1/kp1cs011.dat.bak
               < -ec=kp1cs011  f md 10.00.02  -var=shared-24bit  -rtos=psos
               > -ec=kp1cs011  f md 09.08.07  -var=shared-24bit  -rtos=psos
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