Changes which will be done by the migration-script:

The script will ...
  • restructure the register format-type in the .silecsdesign ( similar to FESA now ) --> bug 1407
  • remove register @syncho and block @mode in the .silecsdesign and replace them with the correct new Blocks/Registers --> bug 1381
    • Instead of "Block" there is now: Setting-Block / Acquisition-Block / Command-Block
    • Instead of "Register" there is now: Setting-Registers / Acquisition-Registers / Volatile-Registers
    • Now illegal / unlogic combinations are not possible any more

What has to be done by the silecs-user:

  • Install the SILECS Eclipse-Plugin for SILECS v2.0.x
    • If there is some error, first uninstall the old silecs-eclipse-plugin !
  • Right click on a silecs-project, select SILECS --> Update SILECS version. This will launch the migration-sript ( a backup of the old doc will be done).
  • Optionally, for pretty xml formatting: click somewhere into the new xml-code + press STRG(Control)+Shift+F
  • Validate the new xml (if there are errors, please let me know!)
  • Re-Generate the code in Silecs
  • Validate related FESA-files and as well re-generate the code in FESA
  • Check that the new Makefile.specific are fine ( the old Makefile.specific got renamed to Makefile.specific.backup since the silecs-version to link changed )
  • Clean & Make first the FESA-class, than the FESA-DU
  • Release the new FESA binary, make sure that the new .silecsparam files are used !
    • Needed because the calculation of the checksum changed
    • Alternatively you can fix the checksum on the PLC by hand
  • Upload the new PLC-controller-code to the PLC ( Needed because the calculation of the checksum changed )
  • Take a try ! If there are problems, please let me know!

Dont forget to check the changelog to see how you can profit from the fixes!
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