Function: Load ECM or EQMs for an EC via a PPC-GuP

  ecload [Options] <File> <Computer>
  Options:  --download -d
            --verbose, -v
            --help -h
  File:     ECM or EQMs sr-file
  Computer: Nomenclature of EC

Description: Load or download an S-record file for an EC.

             Usually, only the name of the file will be sent.
             The GuP knows where to look for the file, reads
             it and sends it to the specified EC.

             With option --download the whole file will really
             be downloaded. The GuP receives the file and sends
             it to the specified EC.

Example 1:   Just send the filename.

               ecload $fecmv09 belcg042

Example 2:   Really download the file and don't wait
             for post download init to be completed.

               ecload --download --nowait uktcs3e7
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