FESA3 Releases / Changes

FESA3 Plug-In 2.9.11 for Eclipse Neon (11/2019) on asl74x

Bug Fixes
  • log level set to INFO as default
  • initial release environment set to production
  • database ID insertion after export for subset classes fixed

FESA3 FWK 7.0.0 Patch (11/2019)

  • GSI Power Property: a power-item with no data-field-ref is now valid

FESA3 FWK 7.0.0 Patch (09/2019)

  • Fix for Issue FESA-7438 - Invalid value-item during set with linked min/max value-items
  • A Set to a property with min/max-value-items that use a data-field-ref and using default implementation will no longer fail due to invalid data-items

FESA3 FWK 7.0.0 Release "Nitrogen" (08/2019)

For Release Information see:


FESA3 Plug-In 2.9.10 for Eclipse Neon (07/2019) on asl74x

New Features
  • FESA-7386] Preference Setting for Selection of Default Instance Editor
  • global device name validation rule introduced: check for pattern GD_<deploy-unit name>_<class-name>.<FECname>
  • [FESA-6292] Evaluate custom constants before sending the design to the DB
  • Support for new class design element attribute: cycle-bound
  • Support for Migration from FESA3 5.0.2 to 7.0.0 for test purposes
  • mock instance feature disabled, mock instances are not used anymore
  • Device deletion in selected instances in table view: more consistent behavior
Bug Fixes
  • fix validation problems: set dirty state of model explicitely considering documentfixer results

FESA3 Plug-In 2.9.9 for Eclipse Neon (01/2019) on asl74x 

New Features
  • Version update dialog: allow selection of all files (i.e. all instances of a deploy-unit and the deploy-unit design itself)
  • FESA Explorer: pre-select the desired environment (developments, integration or production)
Bug Fixes
  • Bug 1840 - Global device name(s) in instantiation units
    - prepared: global device name set to GD_<DUName>_<ClassName>.<FECName> for FESA3 > 5.0.2

FESA3 FWK 5.0.2 "Boron" (01/2019)

New Features
  • Bug 1146 Provide Status of Timing Receiver Lock
  • Bug 914 Simulated White Rabbit Timing

FESA3 Plug-In 2.9.8 for Eclipse Neon (12/2018) on asl74x

New Features
  • Enable release into different release environments (Development/Integration System/Production) independent of FESA design state
environment selection.jpg
    • the environment can be selected directly or during the release of FESA classes/deploy-units
    • the current environment is indicated via different colors
    • the FESA Editor preferences allow to turn off the environment highlighting

FESA3 FWK 5.0.2 "Boron" (12/2018, currently on asl744 only for tests)

New Features
  • Bug 1146 Provide Status of Timing Receiver Lock
  • Bug 914 Simulated White Rabbit Timing

FESA3 Plug-In 2.9.7 for Eclipse Neon (10/2018) on asl74x

New Features
  • Allowing standard acquisition-properties in global interface for experts
  • Introduction of GSI-specific global device names
  • New command line argument to launch FESA Explorer added
Bug Fix
  • redundant GSI operational properties validation rule removed

FESA3 FWK 5.0.1 "Boron" (07/2018) patch

Bug Fix
  • Fixed: Persistence of multiplexed fields may fail with "Selector ID is unknown" exception (Bug 1742)

FESA3 Plug-In 2.9.6 for Eclipse Neon (09/2018) on asl74x

New Features
  • Design editor: expanse/collapse selected XML items via toolbar button / context menu
expand collapse selected item.jpg
  • Instance database export: enable renaming of device instances. After export of instances to the database an ID-attribute will be added to each device instance. The ID is generated by the database and used to track device instances internally in the databases.
  • Instance validation: check device instance names for duplicates per deploy-unit project
  • Design editor: separator in context menu before 'Remove'
  • Table editor for instances: display of event configuration items
  • Instance validation: check device names for suffix '_new'

FESA3 Plug-In 2.9.5 for Eclipse Neon (05/2018) on asl74x

New Features
  • Validation rule to check device-instance names for dashes and other invalid, database incompatible characters ('-^%*&$€£(){};:#@~?!'|')
  • Validation of Subsets: evaluate all value-items (min/max/units)

FESA3 FWK 5.0.1 "Boron" (04/2018) patch

  • Change to using the Timing Release v4.0.4 "Doomsday".
New Features
  • The History attribute is available for GSI-specific acquisition fields

FESA3 Plug-In 2.9.4 for Eclipse Neon (04/2018) on asl74x

New Features
  • C++ template for CMX metric usage added (simple example)
  • [FESA-7067] Quick custom temporary validation for configuration fields in instances
  • Usage of 3-tier database connection for database exports
  • [FESA-7066] Enable C++ 11 support at the C++ Indexer level for new FESA projects
  • [FESA-7082] Class and DeployUnitFinder don't check file existence
  • Validation of device power state: less strict validation rule
  • Validation: prevent combination of NONE accelerator and anything timingdomain
  • Validation: redesign of subset validation rule

FESA3 FWK 5.0.1 "Boron" (03/2018)

Release Notes CERN
New Features
  • Enabling process statistics with CMX metrics
  • Beam-In flag in event ID to enable triggers on beam-in event
  • Multiplexing per beam production chain (mainMuxCriterion=CHAIN)
  • first update behaviour with subscriptions to ALL will produce no "no data for cycle" exceptions
  • removal of implementation for "old" timing selector format
  • Support for Beam Process and Sequence starting at zero
  • Ability to select Timing Receiver (-f -timingreceiver)
  • design: subset definition uses vardim element instead of vardim1
  • persistency load failure: ConverterArray - Fix ArraySizeExceeded for zero-length array of structs
  • Timing Events registered for SEQ_START and BP_START with an offset correctly generate a separate event.
  • initRDAClientService does not require -rbac option
  • getXAsStrings method is const

FESA3 Plug-In 2.9.3 for Eclipse Neon (02/2018) on asl74x

  • device_power item validation rule: check for availability of items ON/OFF only
  • Release wizard: option for usage of RT functionality fixed

FESA3 Plug-In 2.9.2 for Eclipse Neon (02/2018) on asl74x

  • Release procedure
    - perform database checks and exports independent of number of FECs

FESA3 Plug-In 2.9.1 for Eclipse Neon (02/2018) on asl74x

New Features
  • Added: C++ code templates for C++ 11
  • Release of deploy-units
    • export instance document to the database as well
    • enable parallel compilation during build during release
  • [FESA-6498] Add a warning for missing notifications when value-items in different properties refer to the same field
  • Property insertion wizard
    • validate design, open property insertion wizard on valid designs only
    • adjust default get/set action names according to property type selection
  • RT action insertion wizard
    • validate design, open wizard on valid designs only
  • Subset definition insertion wizard
    • validate design, open wizard on valid designs only
  • Release wizard
    • display relevant pages for class and deploy-unit release only
    • activate finish-button adequately
  • [FESA-6246] Same checks on field's default values in class design and instance file

FESA3 Plug-In 2.9.0 for Eclipse Neon (01/2018) on asl74x

New Features
  • New expert preferences for validation:
    • validate documents in development state like documents in operational state
    • display validation results on FESA console
    • clear content of Problems View before validation
  • Update Version Wizard: display the FEC name along with the instance file
  • synchronize code/folders for design/deploy-unit files only
  • remove subsets directory before creating subsets anew

FESA FWK 4.3.1 "Beryllium" (12/2017) fesa-core-gsi and fesa-codegen-gsi patch

  • Uses the Saftlib version released by the Timing Dept. as timing-rte cherry-v4
  • Timing Receivers default name no longer "baseboard"
  • Saftlib Functions using vector<bool> now use vector<int> (glibmm2.50 vector<bool> requires c++14 support)

FESA3 Plug-In 2.8.9 for Eclipse Neon (12/2017) on asl74x

New Features
  • Expert preference for configuration of RT usage during delivery of deploy-units
  • Promotion: Setting default values for empty strings ({{}}) to ""
  • Validation rule added to check XML files for invalid character sequences such as >, <, "
  • DS: deploy-unit selection on FEC
    • scrolling and selection in deploy-unit list
    • new: clear selection button
  • Design file view: update lables in case of constant value changes
  • Remove subsets directory before creating subsets anew
  • NPE prevention in wizards
  • Open classes/deploy-units from instance files: proper editor window
  • Adjust the design mime file type only when the project is under version control and if the design file was already committed
  • Deploy the relevant deploy-unit start script only during release

FESA FWK 4.3.1 "Beryllium" (11/2017) fesa-environment-gsi patch

  • Patch for compilation problems after update of SAFTlib library dependencies during maintenance window: enabling C++11 compliance

FESA FWK 4.3.1 "Beryllium" (10/2017) fesa-core-gsi patch

Update for White Rabbit Timing:
  • The Timing Eventsource can now decode Timing EventIDs with FormatID 1

  • To override the default formatID, use the command line parameter: -timingfid n

  • Added constants for the new bit offsets e.g. EVENTID_PROCESS_INDEX_OFFSET_V1

  • The default FormatID used by the Timing Eventsource to register for events is now 1. This also effects the the helper function generate_event_id(). Use the new function generate_event_id_for_fid() to use a specific FormatID.

  • Added "Flags" field to TimingEventPayload (including BeamIn accessor)

  • The Reserved bits in the EventID are available in the payload as "Reserved" (sequenceCounter is deprecated)

  • The TimingContextWR constructors parameters are now const references.

FESA3 Plug-In 2.8.8 for Eclipse Neon (10/2017) on asl74x

  • DS: retrieve information on deploy-units from binary repository
  • DS: store information about FESA FWK version per deploy-unit
  • bug-fixes for [FESA-6074] Indexer not properly configured when using composition with released classes

FESA3 Plug-In 2.8.7 for Eclipse Neon (10/2017) on asl74x

New Features
  • Automatic update of timing configuration in instance files: update accelerator and accelerator zone as well
  • [FESA-5618] Add pop up to instance export to ask for confirmation
  • [FESA-6895] In build and release wizard, automatically select the CPU based on the last used one
  • Display list of selectable accelerators independent of timing domain
  • [FESA-6230] auto-completion do not propose to reference properties from composed classes
  • [FESA-6498] Add a warning for missing notifications when value-items in different properties refer to the same field
  • Code generation: obsolete files problem fixed

FESA3 Plug-In 2.8.6 for Eclipse Neon (09/2017) on asl74x

New Features
  • Release option for deploy-unit release: RT usage configurable
  • Deployment System: preserve file permissions and timestamps during DU deployment
  • First integration of database check and update of timing configuration in instance files
  • Deployment System: Multiple FEC configuration dialog added
  • FESA-6887 Instance creation wizard overwrites existing instances without warning
  • Deployment System: DU deployment dialog: preserve FEC selection
  • Deployment System: bug-fixes, XML file information storage improvements

FESA3 Plug-In 2.8.5 for Eclipse Neon (08/2017) on asl74x

  • Deploy-Unit Release: configuration file fesa.cfg will not be overwritten

FESA3 Plug-In 2.8.4 for Eclipse Neon (08/2017) on asl74x

New Features
  • Inter-document navigation: Open class and deploy-unit design(s) from an instance file
  • GSI Conditions: extra buttons for header generation and uploading to the condition database
  • Minor improvements for displaying design view values
  • Multiinstance table viewer: copy the attributes of copied device instances as well
  • Multiinstance table viewer: validation check bug fixed
  • GSI conditions: replace className parameter in initial template

FESA3 Plug-In 2.8.3 for Eclipse Neon (08/2017) on asl74x

New Features
  • Redesigned Icons
  • Open HTML Documentation on the push of a button
  • FESA WIKI Search activated for all design views
  • Deployment System: copying files with preservation of permissions option
  • More detailed design view XML preview values added
  • Property insertion wizard: allow insertion of GSI specific setting/acquisition properties
  • [FESA-6850] Add warning in FESA version selection widget if version is not compatible with CentOS7
  • [FESA-6852] Create compile targets based on the FESA version compatibility
  • [FESA-6443] Remove "Abstract RT-Action" in design and "AddProperty" Wizard
  • [FESA-6237] OnSubscription event source definition should contain the property to be used
  • [FESA-6771] Add more property types to the wizard
  • [FESA-6361] On-demand event wizard
  • Handling of GSI's condition tools updated
  • [FESA-6880] Cloning Instances from different Deploy-Unit Projects
  • [FESA-6865] Don't override creator if it is defined in a design template

FESA3 Plug-In 2.8.2 for Eclipse Neon (08/2017) on asl74x

  • Obsolete code generation phases for FESA3 4.3.1 disabled
  • avoid endless loops when upload of HTML documentation does not work due to authorization problems

FESA3 Plug-In 2.8.1 for Eclipse Neon (07/2017) on asl74x

New Features
  • [FESA-6849] Update type of a property's value-items and their referenced data fields automatically
  • Further integration of a deployment system starting from the instantiation files
  • [FESA-6869] Set SVN property MIME-type of design and deploy-unit files
  • Improvement for source code generation of RTDeviceClass sources

FESA3 Plug-In 2.8.0 for Eclipse Neon (05/2017) on asl74x

New Features
  • [FESA-6831] Launch FEX from a FESA deploy-unit
  • [FESA-6706] Inter-document navigation: easily switch between class and deploy-unit design
  • Deployment System: During release of deploy-units a binary repository for the deployment system will be filled
  • [FESA-6815] RT Wizard: create required sources element with on-demand event
  • [FESA-6772] Property wizard: keep order of fields as in class design
  • [FESA-6240] Add java design-rule for variable-dim arrays
  • [FESA-2165] Limit variable dimension fields with item dimension
  • [FESA-6805] Instance promotion: performance issues with many devices
  • Same Icons for Release of FESA classes and deploy-units
  • Table editors for instance files expose state attribute
  • Build All Wizard: building a class only does not work

FESA FWK 4.2.0 "Beryllium" (03/2017) fesa-core-gsi patch

  • Fix for White Rabbit Timing Event Source - If multiple devices in the same Timing Group register for the SEQ_START event, the event will now trigger only once per device.

FESA3 Plug-In 2.7.9 for Eclipse Neon (05/2017) on asl74x

  • bug-fix for release to multiple FECs
  • bug-fix: build all wizard also builds classes only
  • improvement: Context menu entry 'Remove' moved to end to avoid accidental usage

FESA3 Plug-In 2.7.8 for Eclipse Neon (05/2017) on asl74x

  • bug-fixes for database exports of subsets
  • avoid release and database export of DEV FESA software

FESA3 Plug-In 2.7.7 for Eclipse Neon (04/2017) on asl74x

  • bug-fixes for database exports of subsets
  • bug-fixes for subset synchronization
  • internal improvements

FESA3 Plug-In 2.7.6 for Eclipse Neon (04/2017) on asl74x

  • new feature: update the configuration file on a FEC of a released deploy-unit with optional database export
  • improvement: preventing manual DB export of operational FESA class and deploy-unit designs
  • improvement: warning for exceeded number of items in DEVICE_STATUS enum for non-operational class designs
  • improvement: warning for exceeded number of items in DEVICE_POWER_STATE enum for non-operational class designs
  • improvement: warning for exceeded number of items in DEVICE_POWER enum for non-operational class designs
  • improvement: warning for exceeded number of items in DEVICE_CONTROL enum for non-operational class designs
  • improvement: warning for non-GSI properties in FESA class designs in non-operational mode
  • improvement: loading of multi instance file editor on demand only

FESA3 Plug-In 2.7.5 for Eclipse Neon (04/2017) on asl74x

  • bug-fix: deploy-unit project creation: selected class was not used, project creation failed
  • bug-fix: allow configuration of FEC in any state during deploy-unit release
  • feature: always use the latest version of Fesa Explorer 'FEX' in /common/usr/lobi/htdocs/applications/fesa-explorer/current

FESA3 Plug-In 2.7.4 for Eclipse Neon (03/2017) on asl74x

  • FEC creation: cloning of existing instance files possible
  • Multi-File editor for instance files: Improvements and bug-fixes
  • Design View: more information on lengths and sizes of referenced custom-fields
  • Migration tool integration for migration from FESA3 4.0.0 to 4.2.0
  • Release/Deployment: FEC configuration for development/production environment -> FESA3ReleaseAndRun420
  • Release /Deployment: export of FESA designs to development and production databases -> FESA3ReleaseAndRun420
  • Table editor for single instance files: keep first column while scrolling horizontally

FESA FWK 4.2.0 "Beryllium" (03/2017)

  • New: C Header file containing timing events and codes for integration in FESA software (/common/usr/timing/groupsAndEvents/TimingConfigurationWR_V1.h)

FESA Explorer FEX

  • New: selection of development and production environment CMW nameservers
  • improvements and bug-fixes

FESA3 Plug-In 2.7.3 for Eclipse Neon (02/2017) on asl74x

  • Bug fixes for table view for instances of a deploy-unit (validation, NPE prevention)

FESA3 Plug-In 2.7.2 for Eclipse Neon (02/2017) on asl74x

  • New feature: table view for instances of a deploy-unit with bulk editing functionality, sorting, validation result visualization

FESA3 Plug-In 2.7.1 for Eclipse Neon (12/2016) on asl74x

  • Integration of automatic error reporting
  • [FESA-6660] When copying a device in the instance using the table view, keep the device name
  • allow deploy-unit release from an instantiation file

FESA3 Plug-In 2.7.0 for Eclipse Neon (11/2016) on asl74x

  • validation allows different accelerator zones within the same timing domain
  • find local FESA classes for automatic inclusion in deploy-unit projects: treat open projects only
  • missing scrollbar problem fixed in version selection page for update
  • missing controls problem fixed in class selection page
  • browser documentation empty selection NPE fixed

FESA3 Plug-In 2.6.9 for Eclipse Neon (10/2016) on asl74x

  • bug-fix for automatic update of instance files
  • assured usage of python 2
  • new: C++ code template for subset selection

FESA FWK 4.0.0 "Beryllium" (09/2016)

  • changelog
  • first release on CentOS 7 (asl740..asl744)
  • Integration of White Rabbit based timing ECA V2

FESA3 Plug-In 2.6.8 for Eclipse Neon (09/2016) on asl74x

  • support for code generation for associated FESA classes
  • [FESA-6434] Launch navigator from class
  • [FESA-6497] Copy device in table view duplicates device ID

FESA FWK 4.0.0 "Beryllium" (08/2016)

  • version 4.0.0 ("Beryllium") availabe for beta testing on asl744

FESA3 Plug-In 2.6.7 for Eclipse Neon (08/2016) on asl74x

  • provided for Eclipse Neon for usage with FESA3 4.0.0

FESA3 Plug-In 2.6.6 for Eclipse Mars (08/2016) on asl73x

  • release procedure: creation of directories with proper rights

FESA3 Plug-In 2.6.5 for Eclipse Mars (08/2016) on asl73x

  • Improvements for working with subsets (subset creation wizard bug)
  • backward compatible preparations for FESA3 4.0.0
  • release procedure improvements (admins may select different group)

FESA3 Plug-In 2.6.4 for Eclipse Mars (05/2016)

  • Bug 1042 - Improvements for the Workflow with FESA Subsets
  • new editor option: validate FESA documents while opening

FESA3 Plug-In 2.6.3 for Eclipse Mars (04/2016)

  • FESA deploy-unit creation: selection of FESA class from local workspace for inclusion (new optional step)
  • Fesa-6336 Grid-view (TableEditor) for instantiation files does not show all fields
    • all array dimensions will be displayed
  • Improvement for version update dialog:
    • re-implemented feature: updating instance files as well when updating FESA deploy-units to newer FESA FWK versions
  • FEC configuration: missing timing configuration files will be automatically regenerated during code generation

FESA3 Plug-In 2.6.2 for Eclipse Mars (04/2016)

FESA3 Plug-In 2.6.2 for Eclipse Luna (03/2016)

  • FESA-6360 Build all from class
  • FESA-6377 Simplify DU creation
  • Re-create make targets if they are missing
  • Bug 983 - Table editor for detailed status items: extended functionality: speed up

FESA3 Plug-In 2.6.1 for Eclipse Luna (03/2016)

  • Bug 987 - Promotion of (new) fields does not work anymore

FESA3 Plug-In 2.6.0 for Eclipse Luna (03/2016)

  • Bug 983 - Table editor for detailed status items: extended functionality

FESA3 Plug-In 2.5.9 for Eclipse Luna (03/2016)

  • Bug 979 - Table editor for detailed status items

FESA FWK patch (03/2016) / FESA3 Plug-In 2.5.8 for Eclipse Luna (03/2016)

  • Bug 974 - Relaxation of validation process for accelerator zones
  • Bug 939 - Operational release: automatic tag creation

FESA FWK patch (03/2016)

  • Bug 972 - CERN timing not usable anymore, selector format identified as incorrect

FESA3 Plug-In 2.5.7 for Eclipse Luna (02/2016)

  • Bug during release of deploy-units fixed

FESA FWK 3.1.0 (02/2016)

  • Integration of the condition tools
  • Updated selector format / Extended acquisition context
  • Launch parameter for usage of FAIR timing not required anymore
  • Default documentation of GSI specific properties

FESA3 Plug-In 2.5.6 for Eclipse Luna (02/2016)

  • Bug 967 - Release: improve FEC selection
  • Bug in subset creation wizard fixed
  • Bug 957 - Integration of latest DB libraries
  • Bug 958 - DB export: DB selection depending on FESA software state (prepared)

FESA3 Plug-In 2.5.5 for Eclipse Luna (02/2016)

  • credential access problem on fresh installations of the FESA Eclipse plug-in
  • GSI-specific: skip build all wizard, only one CPU architecture @GSI
  • installation permissions during release
  • Bug 935 - Integration of Condition Compiler Tools (usable from FESA3 3.1.0 on)
  • improvement of html page upload, deletion of existing pages first
  • Support for FESA3 3.1.0 (migration)

FESA FWK patch (02/2016)

  • Bug 943 - Python Subset Generation: too many actions

FESA3 Plug-In 2.5.4 for Eclipse Luna (01/2016)

  • Support for subset design generation in Python instead of XSLT

FESA3 Plug-In 2.5.3 for Eclipse Luna (01/2016)

  • Bug 678 - Re-implement automatic upload of class documentation of released operational FESA software
  • new: toolbar button to upload FESA class documentation HTML file to webdav server

FESA3 Plug-In 2.5.2 for Eclipse Luna (12/2015)

  • Bug 891 - Automatic copy of FEX zip file during release copies wrong file

FESA3 Plug-In 2.5.1 for Eclipse Luna (12/2015)

  • Simplify creation of mock up instances

FESA3 Plug-In 2.5.0 for Eclipse Luna (11/2015)

  • Prevent export of original FESA documents if subsets are defined

FESA3 Plug-In 2.4.9 for Eclipse Luna (11/2015)

  • Improvements for creating fake device instance documents containing subsets for database insertion

FESA3 Plug-In 2.4.8 for Eclipse Luna (11/2015)

  • Improvements for creating subsets

FESA3 Plug-In 2.4.7 for Eclipse Luna (11/2015)

  • Bug 876 - Code from associated classes cannot be used anymore
  • Improved handling of subsets

FESA3 Plug-In 2.4.6 for Eclipse Luna (11/2015)

  • Bug 752 - Realize new concept: subsets/facades of FESA software

FESA3 Plug-In 2.4.5 for Eclipse Luna (09/2015)

  • Bug 752 - Realize new concept: subsets/facades of FESA software
  • Bug 592 - Migrate XSLT-Transformation in fesa-codegen-gsi to Python Code Generation: Preparation for deploy-unit run script creation with Python instead of XSLT
  • Export all required documents to the FESA database on the push of a single button
  • Installation of export directories with fesa group

FESA FWK 3.0.0 "Lithium" (planned for 09/2015)


FESA3 Plug-In 2.4.4 for Eclipse Luna (08/2015)

  • Support for IDs in designs for FESA 2.3.2
  • Additional validation rules to warn in case of custom actions and usage of referenced data fields
  • Bug 775 - Remove remaining parts for support of 32-bit environment

FESA3 Plug-In 2.4.3 for Eclipse Luna (07/2015)

  • Bug 770 - Possibility to launch a terminal
  • Bug 769 - Deliver FESA Explorer zip files for webserver
  • Bug 767 - Use deploy-unit name in name of zip-file for FESA Explorer
  • Bug 753 - Automatically created SVN Repository Location for classes/deploy-units appends trunk
  • adjust installation command to give write access to created directories for group members
  • create FEC data directory if it is missing during delivery
  • copy manual start script along during deployment for testing and debugging of 64-bit FECs
  • usage of accelerator zone information from WR timing config file while keeping backward compatibility for FESA3 2.2.2
  • [FESA-5958] Eclipse outline useless with IDs instead of names
  • adaption of FESA Explorer launch call

FESA FWK 2.3.2 "Helium" (07/2015)

  • Bug 751 - Integrate SAFTlib into FESA FWK
  • Bug 782 - Introduce specific CLIX rules for instantiation files


FESA FWK 2.2.2-patch 3 "Helium" (06/2015)

  • Bug 685 - Removal of obsolete Test accelerators

FESA FWK 2.2.2-patch 1/2 "Helium" (06/2015)

  • Bug 744 - Issues concerning GSI's acquisition context item

FESA3 Plug-In 2.3.11 for Eclipse Luna (05/2015)

  • Quick-fix for installation problem of new users

FESA3 Plug-In 2.3.10 for Eclipse Luna (05/2015)

  • Bug 738 - FESA class composition: notification of GSI properties of other class not possible

FESA3 Plug-In 2.3.9 for Eclipse Luna (05/2015)

  • Bug 731 - SVN repository location creation at start-up

FESA3 Plug-In 2.3.8 for Eclipse Luna (04/2015)

  • Bug 726 - No warning for GSI-Status-Property required
  • Bug 725 - Extend the device configuration rules to check the mux criterion values
  • Bug 706 - Improve svn:ignore settings
  • [FESA-5840] Prevent usage of out of date plugin versions with new versions of the framework
  • [FESA-5877] Regression: put back svn repositories url at startup
  • [FESA-5887] Newly created class documentation file is not opened automatically any more
  • [FESA-5929] Copy/Paste leads to invalid design due to duplicated IDs
  • [FESA-5905] Impossible to see the "problems" view if the documentation browser is enabled
  • [FESA-5881] Wizard to create basic structures
  • [FESA-5879] Add a wizard to generate min/max for a given value-item

FESA3 Plug-In 2.3.7 for Eclipse Luna (04/2015)

  • integration of migration tool for migration of FESA documents from FESA 2.0.1 to FESA 2.2.2
  • extended validation: introduction of accelerator zones conept
  • Bug 695 - Info message about successful release independent of actual success
  • Bug 692 - In a newly created instance document the global device name uses an invalid prefix
  • Skipping of delivery of FESA software developed with DEV FESA versions
  • Bug: FEC selection during delivery not required for FESA classes
  • i686 build target creation deactivated for 64-bit release 2.2.2
  • usage of timing configuration file for White Rabbit based timing at the timing groups location /common/usr/timing/groupsAndEvents

FESA FWK 2.2.2 "Helium" (04/2015)


FESA3 Plug-In 2.3.6 for Eclipse Luna (03/2015)

  • workaround release to help prevent initialization problem of FESA Eclipse plug-in for new users
  • Bug 672 - Idea: Creation of a versions.txt file in the FEC mount directory

FESA3 Plug-In 2.3.5 for Eclipse Luna (03/2015)

FESA FWK 2.0.1 "Helium" (03/2015)

  • Bug 604 - Broken Pipe Errors when using parallel compilation with option -j4

FESA3 Plug-In 2.3.4 for Eclipse Luna (02/2015)

  • Bug 675 - During delivery for 64-bit SCUs: wrong name for FEC configuration file
  • Bug 676 - Changes in expert preferences are not directly taken into account
  • Bug 669 - Display more elements information in FESA design editor (as before)

FESA3 Plug-In 2.3.3 for Eclipse Luna (02/2015)

Based on re-implementation by CERN.
  • extended for usage at GSI
  • GSI-specific expert preferences introduced
  • creation wizard: refresh files and folders before opening new classes/deploy-units
  • creation wizard: share new FESA projects into the repository
  • create SVN repository locations for classes and deploy-units at startup
  • enable line numbers in the editors at startup
  • Job to retrieve the user credentials from Eclipse's secure storage preferences added
  • wrong log directory initialization at startup fixed
  • export from database option for instance files disabled (currently not available @GSI)
  • slf4j log output issue solved
  • extract instance functionality disabled until this feature is available
  • unnecessary suppress warnings removed
  • DB export for classes and deploy-units
  • DB export for instances
  • Re-implement the status bar search field for finding elements within FESA design documents
  • LabParameters introduced
  • repository check page extended
  • Bug 670 - In selections: make the x86_64 CPU architecture the default option
  • Bug 671 - During delivery: allow to select the FEC that is going to be updated
  • LabConfigurationManager introduced
  • isAdmin function realized
  • GSI-specific settings for expert preferences introduced
  • deployment of FESA classes - started / extended
  • GSI-specific FESA Explorer launch
  • LabInstantiationManager adapted (timing domains etc)
  • initialize GSI-specific properties and settings in environment variables at startup
  • deployment of FESA deploy-units - started, extended
  • deployment of FESA deploy-units for 64-bit RAMdiscs implemented (new file/folder structure)
  • replace FESA version number in FEX launch path
  • configurable build commands introduced
  • create simulated timing config file only if 'NONE' was selected
  • access to state information of classes/deploy-units introduced
  • add login name to newly created design documents
  • build manager extended for configurable make targets such as clean, all
  • CERN specific stuff such as 2.10->3 migration, bean generation, etc deactivated

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