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FESA3 Releases / Changes

FESA3 Plug-In 2.10.8 for Eclipse 2022-12 (03/2023) on asl75

  • Subset instance export to database (different configdb overload)

FESA3 Plug-In 2.10.5 for Eclipse 2022-12 (03/2023) on asl75

  • Updated for eclipse 2022-12, Java17
  • Uses new configdb with REST interface
  • pre-export check for all DB environments
  • FEX zip files upload to webdav
  • FESA Explorer location updated
  • Fix initial DB environment state to match UI

FESA3 Plug-In 2.9.34 for Eclipse 2020-06 (06/2022) on asl74

  • local fesa framework usage: less error messages

FESA3 Plug-In 2.9.33 for Eclipse 2020-06 (06/2022) on asl74

  • FESA FWK preferences: admin check temporarily disabled for improved local fesa framework usage

FESA3 Plug-In 2.9.32 for Eclipse 2020-06 (06/2022) on asl74

  • list device information from DB: missing dot in version number display added
  • release repository check: consider user credentials in FESA Eclipse Plug-In preference settings
  • directory name server port changed
  • create make targets in new FESA projects

FESA3 FWK 7.4.0 Release (04/2022)

  • Rebuilt for Rocky8 Linux and gcc 8.5
  • Code generation/migration uses python3
  • Uses Timing fallout-6.2.x-rocky8 run-time environment
  • No Design changes are required for FESA 7.3.0 Classes
  • It is recommended to rebuild third-party libraries. Due to ABI changes in std::string/std::list (, libraries previously built using gcc4.8.5 with C++03, or C++11 and _GLIBCXX_USE_CXX11_ABI=0, are not compatible.
  • Frontends require rocky8 ramdisk image

FESA3 Plug-In 2.10.0 for Eclipse 2021-06 (04/2022) on asl75x

  • Installation details
  • available for testing purposes on release candidate of future development cluster
  • supports python3 code generation
  • contains features of releases 2.9.30/.31

FESA3 Plug-In 2.9.31 for Eclipse 2020-06 (02/2022) on asl74

  • update files for FEC: re-generate the run script for current environment if release environment has been changed

FESA3 Plug-In 2.9.30 for Eclipse 2020-06 (01/2022) on asl74

New Features
  • update files for FEC: copy deploy-unit start file option, copy FEX zip file to web server option up_nav.png
  • lab-release manager: info messages updated

FESA3 Plug-In 2.9.28 for Eclipse 2020-06 (11/2021) on asl74x

New Features
  • Enabling removal of device instances in FESA DB (trash can icon)
  • Update timing configuration for devices with info's from DB: spring DB access technology replaced by standard java sql libraries

FESA3 FWK 7.3.0 Release (11/2021)


FESA3 Plug-In 2.9.27 for Eclipse 2020-06 (10/2021) on asl74x

New Features
  • instructions on how to remove unnecessary device-instances from the FESA database
  • update FEX zip file on webserver as well when an instance is updated on the FEC
  • new project wizard: clarify error messages when checking remote repository
  • git integration: check credentials without dedicated workspace project

FESA3 CLI-Tool 2.9.27 (09/2021)

  • additional release options added

FESA3 Plug-In 2.10.0 for Eclipse 2021-06 (09/2021) on asl75x-rc1

FESA3 CLI-Tool 2.9.26 (08/2021)

New Features
  • release into production environment: request git credentials

FESA3 Plug-In 2.9.26 for Eclipse 2020-06 (08/2021) on asl74x

  • git integration: prevent NPE during Eclipse secure storage access
  • git integration: check user credentials for gittea independent of a workspace project
  • git integration: consider project type during remote repository checks
  • git integration: consider locally (per project) stored credentials

FESA3 Plug-In 2.9.25 for Eclipse 2020-06 (07/2021) on asl74x

New Features
  • deploy-unit release: allow custom timing script selection
  • deploy-unit release: allow FEC comfort function selection

FESA3 FWK 7.2.0 Release (06/2021)

  • Uses Timing 6.0.2 "Fallout"
  • Deprecated Saftlib timestamp functions and callbacks removed, replaced with Saftlib::Time

FESA3 Plug-In 2.9.24 for Eclipse 2020-06 (03/2021) on asl74x

New Features
  • Validation of FESA class designs and instances: a warning is displayed if 2D-array content is irregular
  • Validation of FESA class designs: a warning is displayed if duplicate internal IDs exist in the same design
  • Validation of FESA instances: a warning is displayed if duplicate device-instance database IDs exist in the same instance

FESA3 CLI-Tool 2.9.24

New Features

FESA3 CLI-Tool 2.9.23

New Features
  • support of database exports of class and deploy-unit designs into development and integration environment
  • code clean up
  • inline help improvements for usage options

FESA3 CLI-Tool 2.9.22

New Features
  • release into integration environment

FESA3 Plug-In 2.9.22 for Eclipse 2020-06 (03/2021) on asl74x

New Features
  • device instance validation: device instance state rule error disabled to allow expert devices in the instantiation (according to the database
    experts non-operational devices will not be imported into the LSA database from the FESA database)
  • property types GSI-Setting/Acquisition-Property were missing in list of property insertion wizard
  • log-file check modified
  • FESA database REST requests: improved REST request log output
  • FESA database REST requests: improved REST request error handling
  • FESA database REST request: sort results by design version

FESA3 FWK 7.1.0 Patch (02/2021)


Bug-Fix 2029

FESA3 Plug-In 2.9.21 for Eclipse 2020-06 (11/2020) on asl74x

New Features
  • list design versions in FESA database via REST API: check against current design version
  • new FESA expert preference option for new project creation: don't check repository to avoid timeouts if repository connection is not possible
  • retrieve device-instance information via REST API for integration and production environment: formatting output of database REST requests

FESA3 Plug-In 2.9.20 for Eclipse 2020-06 (11/2020) on asl74x

  • DB export of subset instances: information extraction fixed

FESA3 Plug-In 2.9.19 for Eclipse 2020-06 (11/2020) on asl74x

New Features
  • List information about FESA classes and deploy-units in integration and production environment on request (new 'seeing-eye'-button in toolbar)
  • device-instance database ID-extraction improved (usage of new method from configdb-client-library)
  • default git ignore settings updated: .zip- and .sh-files added

FESA3 Plug-In 2.9.18 for Eclipse 2020-06 (11/2020) on asl74x

  • DB export of subset instances improved: get IDs for device-instances from database
  • set release environment at startup
New Features
  • FEX launch: suggest to copy updated design and instance file to web server

FESA3 Plug-In 2.9.17 for Eclipse 2020-06 (11/2020) on asl74x

  • Bug-fixes for DB REST requests prior to database export
  • DB export of subset instances improved
  • Usage of db-client-library version 1.4.3-jdk8
New Features
  • Extension of git repository configuration: also create .gitkeep files in empty directories (e.g. FESA class Server/Realtime/UserCode)

FESA3 Plug-In 2.9.16 for Eclipse 2020-06 (11/2020) on asl74x

  • Bug-fixes for DB REST requests prior to database export
New Features
  • DB checks via REST API for FESA classes and deploy-units prior to export: new: check for classes within deploy-units

FESA3 FWK 7.1.0 Patch (11/2020)

  • Uses Timing Release 6.0.1 "Fallout"

FESA3 Plug-In 2.9.15 for Eclipse 2020-06 (10/2020) on asl74

  • Check FESA database using the REST API prior to database export of FESA designs. An appropriate error will be issued if the FESA design is already in the FESA database with the same version.

FESA3 Plug-In 2.9.14 for Eclipse 2020-06 (10/2020) on asl74x

New Features
  • Check FESA database using the REST API prior to database export of FESA designs. An appropriate error will be issued if the FESA design is already in the FESA database with the same version.
  • database export: log message correction

FESA3 FWK 7.1.0 Release (10/2020)

  • Uses Timing Release 6.0.0 "Fallout"
    • No changes in Saftlib API
    • No design changes required

FESA3 Plug-In 2.9.13 for Eclipse 2020-06 (10/2020) on asl74x

New Features
  • Runs in a Java11 environment
  • GIT repository integration
  • Release wizard: option to run custom shell script after deploy-unit release
  • Migration from FESA3 7.0.0 to FESA3 8.0.2 enabled
  • NEW validation rule: global device-instances for productive environment must have state 'expert
  • NEW validation rule: device-instances for productive environment must have state 'operational' for LSA DB imports

FESA3 FWK 7.0.0 Patch (4/2020)

  • When a FESA class subscribes to the Version Property of another FESA class, the version of the subscribed class is now reported correctly. Client interactions with the Version Property are unchanged.

FESA3 Plug-In 2.9.11 for Eclipse Neon (11/2019) on asl74x

Bug Fixes
  • log level set to INFO as default
  • initial release environment set to production
  • database ID insertion after export for subset classes fixed

FESA3 FWK 7.0.0 Patch (11/2019)

  • GSI Power Property: a power-item with no data-field-ref is now valid

FESA3 FWK 7.0.0 Patch (09/2019)

  • Fix for Issue FESA-7438 - Invalid value-item during set with linked min/max value-items
  • A Set to a property with min/max-value-items that use a data-field-ref and using default implementation will no longer fail due to invalid data-items

FESA3 FWK 7.0.0 Release "Nitrogen" (08/2019)

For Release Information see:

FESA3 Plug-In 2.9.10 for Eclipse Neon (07/2019) on asl74x

New Features
  • FESA-7386] Preference Setting for Selection of Default Instance Editor
  • global device name validation rule introduced: check for pattern GD_.;
  • [FESA-6292] Evaluate custom constants before sending the design to the DB
  • Support for new class design element attribute: cycle-bound
  • Support for Migration from FESA3 5.0.2 to 7.0.0 for test purposes
  • mock instance feature disabled, mock instances are not used anymore
  • Device deletion in selected instances in table view: more consistent behavior
Bug Fixes
  • fix validation problems: set dirty state of model explicitely considering documentfixer results

FESA3 Plug-In 2.9.9 for Eclipse Neon (01/2019) on asl74x 

New Features
  • Version update dialog: allow selection of all files (i.e. all instances of a deploy-unit and the deploy-unit design itself)
  • FESA Explorer: pre-select the desired environment (developments, integration or production)
Bug Fixes
  • Bug 1840 - Global device name(s) in instantiation units
    - prepared: global device name set to GD_.; for FESA3 > 5.0.2

FESA3 FWK 5.0.2 "Boron" (01/2019)

New Features
  • Bug 1146 Provide Status of Timing Receiver Lock
  • Bug 914 Simulated White Rabbit Timing

FESA3 Plug-In 2.9.8 for Eclipse Neon (12/2018) on asl74x

New Features
  • Enable release into different release environments (Development/Integration System/Production) independent of FESA design state
    • the environment can be selected directly or during the release of FESA classes/deploy-units
    • the current environment is indicated via different colors
    • the FESA Editor preferences allow to turn off the environment highlighting

FESA3 FWK 5.0.2 "Boron" (12/2018, currently on asl744 only for tests)

New Features
  • Bug 1146 Provide Status of Timing Receiver Lock
  • Bug 914 Simulated White Rabbit Timing

FESA3 Plug-In 2.9.7 for Eclipse Neon (10/2018) on asl74x

New Features
  • Allowing standard acquisition-properties in global interface for experts
  • Introduction of GSI-specific global device names
  • New command line argument to launch FESA Explorer added
Bug Fix
  • redundant GSI operational properties validation rule removed

FESA3 FWK 5.0.1 "Boron" (07/2018) patch

Bug Fix
  • Fixed: Persistence of multiplexed fields may fail with "Selector ID is unknown" exception (Bug 1742)

FESA3 Plug-In 2.9.6 for Eclipse Neon (09/2018) on asl74x

New Features
  • Design editor: expanse/collapse selected XML items via toolbar button / context menu
  • Instance database export: enable renaming of device instances. After export of instances to the database an ID-attribute will be added to each device instance. The ID is generated by the database and used to track device instances internally in the databases.
  • Instance validation: check device instance names for duplicates per deploy-unit project
  • Design editor: separator in context menu before 'Remove'
  • Table editor for instances: display of event configuration items
  • Instance validation: check device names for suffix '_new'

FESA3 Plug-In 2.9.5 for Eclipse Neon (05/2018) on asl74x

New Features
  • Validation rule to check device-instance names for dashes and other invalid, database incompatible characters ('-^%*&$€£(){};:#@~?!'|')
  • Validation of Subsets: evaluate all value-items (min/max/units)

FESA3 FWK 5.0.1 "Boron" (04/2018) patch

  • Change to using the Timing Release v4.0.4 "Doomsday".
New Features
  • The History attribute is available for GSI-specific acquisition fields

FESA3 Plug-In 2.9.4 for Eclipse Neon (04/2018) on asl74x

New Features
  • C++ template for CMX metric usage added (simple example)
  • [FESA-7067] Quick custom temporary validation for configuration fields in instances
  • Usage of 3-tier database connection for database exports
  • [FESA-7066] Enable C++ 11 support at the C++ Indexer level for new FESA projects
  • [FESA-7082] Class and DeployUnitFinder don't check file existence
  • Validation of device power state: less strict validation rule
  • Validation: prevent combination of NONE accelerator and anything timingdomain
  • Validation: redesign of subset validation rule

FESA3 FWK 5.0.1 "Boron" (03/2018)

Release Notes CERN
New Features
  • Enabling process statistics with CMX metrics
  • Beam-In flag in event ID to enable triggers on beam-in event
  • Multiplexing per beam production chain (mainMuxCriterion=CHAIN)
  • first update behaviour with subscriptions to ALL will produce no "no data for cycle" exceptions
  • removal of implementation for "old" timing selector format
  • Support for Beam Process and Sequence starting at zero
  • Ability to select Timing Receiver (-f -timingreceiver)
  • design: subset definition uses vardim element instead of vardim1
  • persistency load failure: ConverterArray - Fix ArraySizeExceeded for zero-length array of structs
  • Timing Events registered for SEQ_START and BP_START with an offset correctly generate a separate event.
  • initRDAClientService does not require -rbac option
  • getXAsStrings method is const

FESA3 Plug-In 2.9.3 for Eclipse Neon (02/2018) on asl74x

  • device_power item validation rule: check for availability of items ON/OFF only
  • Release wizard: option for usage of RT functionality fixed

FESA3 Plug-In 2.9.2 for Eclipse Neon (02/2018) on asl74x

  • Release procedure
    - perform database checks and exports independent of number of FECs

FESA3 Plug-In 2.9.1 for Eclipse Neon (02/2018) on asl74x

New Features
  • Added: C++ code templates for C++ 11
  • Release of deploy-units
    • export instance document to the database as well
    • enable parallel compilation during build during release
  • [FESA-6498] Add a warning for missing notifications when value-items in different properties refer to the same field
  • Property insertion wizard
    • validate design, open property insertion wizard on valid designs only
    • adjust default get/set action names according to property type selection
  • RT action insertion wizard
    • validate design, open wizard on valid designs only
  • Subset definition insertion wizard
    • validate design, open wizard on valid designs only
  • Release wizard
    • display relevant pages for class and deploy-unit release only
    • activate finish-button adequately
  • [FESA-6246] Same checks on field's default values in class design and instance file

FESA3 Plug-In 2.9.0 for Eclipse Neon (01/2018) on asl74x

New Features
  • New expert preferences for validation:
    • validate documents in development state like documents in operational state
    • display validation results on FESA console
    • clear content of Problems View before validation
  • Update Version Wizard: display the FEC name along with the instance file
  • synchronize code/folders for design/deploy-unit files only
  • remove subsets directory before creating subsets anew

FESA FWK 4.3.1 "Beryllium" (12/2017) fesa-core-gsi and fesa-codegen-gsi patch

  • Uses the Saftlib version released by the Timing Dept. as timing-rte cherry-v4
  • Timing Receivers default name no longer "baseboard"
  • Saftlib Functions using vector<bool> now use vector<int> (glibmm2.50 vector<bool> requires c++14 support)

FESA3 Plug-In 2.8.9 for Eclipse Neon (12/2017) on asl74x

New Features
  • Expert preference for configuration of RT usage during delivery of deploy-units
  • Promotion: Setting default values for empty strings ({{}}) to ""
  • Validation rule added to check XML files for invalid character sequences such as >, <, "
  • DS: deploy-unit selection on FEC
    • scrolling and selection in deploy-unit list
    • new: clear selection button
  • Design file view: update lables in case of constant value changes
  • Remove subsets directory before creating subsets anew
  • NPE prevention in wizards
  • Open classes/deploy-units from instance files: proper editor window
  • Adjust the design mime file type only when the project is under version control and if the design file was already committed
  • Deploy the relevant deploy-unit start script only during release

FESA FWK 4.3.1 "Beryllium" (11/2017) fesa-environment-gsi patch

  • Patch for compilation problems after update of SAFTlib library dependencies during maintenance window: enabling C++11 compliance

FESA FWK 4.3.1 "Beryllium" (10/2017) fesa-core-gsi patch

Update for White Rabbit Timing:
  • The Timing Eventsource can now decode Timing EventIDs with FormatID 1

  • To override the default formatID, use the command line parameter: -timingfid n

  • Added constants for the new bit offsets e.g. EVENTID_PROCESS_INDEX_OFFSET_V1

  • The default FormatID used by the Timing Eventsource to register for events is now 1. This also effects the the helper function generate_event_id(). Use the new function generate_event_id_for_fid() to use a specific FormatID.

  • Added "Flags" field to TimingEventPayload (including BeamIn accessor)

  • The Reserved bits in the EventID are available in the payload as "Reserved" (sequenceCounter is deprecated)

  • The TimingContextWR constructors parameters are now const references.

FESA3 Plug-In 2.8.8 for Eclipse Neon (10/2017) on asl74x

  • DS: retrieve information on deploy-units from binary repository
  • DS: store information about FESA FWK version per deploy-unit
  • bug-fixes for [FESA-6074] Indexer not properly configured when using composition with released classes

FESA3 Plug-In 2.8.7 for Eclipse Neon (10/2017) on asl74x

New Features
  • Automatic update of timing configuration in instance files: update accelerator and accelerator zone as well
  • [FESA-5618] Add pop up to instance export to ask for confirmation
  • [FESA-6895] In build and release wizard, automatically select the CPU based on the last used one
  • Display list of selectable accelerators independent of timing domain
  • [FESA-6230] auto-completion do not propose to reference properties from composed classes
  • [FESA-6498] Add a warning for missing notifications when value-items in different properties refer to the same field
  • Code generation: obsolete files problem fixed

FESA3 Plug-In 2.8.6 for Eclipse Neon (09/2017) on asl74x

New Features
  • Release option for deploy-unit release: RT usage configurable
  • Deployment System: preserve file permissions and timestamps during DU deployment
  • First integration of database check and update of timing configuration in instance files
  • Deployment System: Multiple FEC configuration dialog added
  • FESA-6887 Instance creation wizard overwrites existing instances without warning
  • Deployment System: DU deployment dialog: preserve FEC selection
  • Deployment System: bug-fixes, XML file information storage improvements

FESA3 Plug-In 2.8.5 for Eclipse Neon (08/2017) on asl74x

  • Deploy-Unit Release: configuration file fesa.cfg will not be overwritten

FESA3 Plug-In 2.8.4 for Eclipse Neon (08/2017) on asl74x

New Features
  • Inter-document navigation: Open class and deploy-unit design(s) from an instance file
  • GSI Conditions: extra buttons for header generation and uploading to the condition database
  • Minor improvements for displaying design view values
  • Multiinstance table viewer: copy the attributes of copied device instances as well
  • Multiinstance table viewer: validation check bug fixed
  • GSI conditions: replace className parameter in initial template

FESA3 Plug-In 2.8.3 for Eclipse Neon (08/2017) on asl74x

New Features
  • Redesigned Icons
  • Open HTML Documentation on the push of a button
  • FESA WIKI Search activated for all design views
  • Deployment System: copying files with preservation of permissions option
  • More detailed design view XML preview values added
  • Property insertion wizard: allow insertion of GSI specific setting/acquisition properties
  • [FESA-6850] Add warning in FESA version selection widget if version is not compatible with CentOS7
  • [FESA-6852] Create compile targets based on the FESA version compatibility
  • [FESA-6443] Remove "Abstract RT-Action" in design and "AddProperty" Wizard
  • [FESA-6237] OnSubscription event source definition should contain the property to be used
  • [FESA-6771] Add more property types to the wizard
  • [FESA-6361] On-demand event wizard
  • Handling of GSI's condition tools updated
  • [FESA-6880] Cloning Instances from different Deploy-Unit Projects
  • [FESA-6865] Don't override creator if it is defined in a design template

FESA3 Plug-In 2.8.2 for Eclipse Neon (08/2017) on asl74x

  • Obsolete code generation phases for FESA3 4.3.1 disabled
  • avoid endless loops when upload of HTML documentation does not work due to authorization problems

FESA3 Plug-In 2.8.1 for Eclipse Neon (07/2017) on asl74x

New Features
  • [FESA-6849] Update type of a property's value-items and their referenced data fields automatically
  • Further integration of a deployment system starting from the instantiation files
  • [FESA-6869] Set SVN property MIME-type of design and deploy-unit files
  • Improvement for source code generation of RTDeviceClass sources

FESA3 Plug-In 2.8.0 for Eclipse Neon (05/2017) on asl74x

New Features
  • [FESA-6831] Launch FEX from a FESA deploy-unit
  • [FESA-6706] Inter-document navigation: easily switch between class and deploy-unit design
  • Deployment System: During release of deploy-units a binary repository for the deployment system will be filled
  • [FESA-6815] RT Wizard: create required sources element with on-demand event
  • [FESA-6772] Property wizard: keep order of fields as in class design
  • [FESA-6240] Add java design-rule for variable-dim arrays
  • [FESA-2165] Limit variable dimension fields with item dimension
  • [FESA-6805] Instance promotion: performance issues with many devices
  • Same Icons for Release of FESA classes and deploy-units
  • Table editors for instance files expose state attribute
  • Build All Wizard: building a class only does not work

FESA FWK 4.2.0 "Beryllium" (03/2017) fesa-core-gsi patch

  • Fix for White Rabbit Timing Event Source - If multiple devices in the same Timing Group register for the SEQ_START event, the event will now trigger only once per device.

FESA3 Plug-In 2.7.9 for Eclipse Neon (05/2017) on asl74x

  • bug-fix for release to multiple FECs
  • bug-fix: build all wizard also builds classes only
  • improvement: Context menu entry 'Remove' moved to end to avoid accidental usage

FESA3 Plug-In 2.7.8 for Eclipse Neon (05/2017) on asl74x

  • bug-fixes for database exports of subsets
  • avoid release and database export of DEV FESA software

FESA3 Plug-In 2.7.7 for Eclipse Neon (04/2017) on asl74x

  • bug-fixes for database exports of subsets
  • bug-fixes for subset synchronization
  • internal improvements

FESA3 Plug-In 2.7.6 for Eclipse Neon (04/2017) on asl74x

  • new feature: update the configuration file on a FEC of a released deploy-unit with optional database export
  • improvement: preventing manual DB export of operational FESA class and deploy-unit designs
  • improvement: warning for exceeded number of items in DEVICE_STATUS enum for non-operational class designs
  • improvement: warning for exceeded number of items in DEVICE_POWER_STATE enum for non-operational class designs
  • improvement: warning for exceeded number of items in DEVICE_POWER enum for non-operational class designs
  • improvement: warning for exceeded number of items in DEVICE_CONTROL enum for non-operational class designs
  • improvement: warning for non-GSI properties in FESA class designs in non-operational mode
  • improvement: loading of multi instance file editor on demand only

FESA3 Plug-In 2.7.5 for Eclipse Neon (04/2017) on asl74x

  • bug-fix: deploy-unit project creation: selected class was not used, project creation failed
  • bug-fix: allow configuration of FEC in any state during deploy-unit release
  • feature: always use the latest version of Fesa Explorer 'FEX' in /common/usr/lobi/htdocs/applications/fesa-explorer/current

FESA3 Plug-In 2.7.4 for Eclipse Neon (03/2017) on asl74x

  • FEC creation: cloning of existing instance files possible
  • Multi-File editor for instance files: Improvements and bug-fixes
  • Design View: more information on lengths and sizes of referenced custom-fields
  • Migration tool integration for migration from FESA3 4.0.0 to 4.2.0
  • Release/Deployment: FEC configuration for development/production environment -> FESA3ReleaseAndRun420
  • Release /Deployment: export of FESA designs to development and production databases -> FESA3ReleaseAndRun420
  • Table editor for single instance files: keep first column while scrolling horizontally

FESA FWK 4.2.0 "Beryllium" (03/2017)

  • New: C Header file containing timing events and codes for integration in FESA software (/common/usr/timing/groupsAndEvents/TimingConfigurationWR_V1.h)

FESA Explorer FEX

  • New: selection of development and production environment CMW nameservers
  • improvements and bug-fixes

FESA3 Plug-In 2.7.3 for Eclipse Neon (02/2017) on asl74x

  • Bug fixes for table view for instances of a deploy-unit (validation, NPE prevention)

FESA3 Plug-In 2.7.2 for Eclipse Neon (02/2017) on asl74x

  • New feature: table view for instances of a deploy-unit with bulk editing functionality, sorting, validation result visualization

FESA3 Plug-In 2.7.1 for Eclipse Neon (12/2016) on asl74x

  • Integration of automatic error reporting
  • [FESA-6660] When copying a device in the instance using the table view, keep the device name
  • allow deploy-unit release from an instantiation file

FESA3 Plug-In 2.7.0 for Eclipse Neon (11/2016) on asl74x

  • validation allows different accelerator zones within the same timing domain
  • find local FESA classes for automatic inclusion in deploy-unit projects: treat open projects only
  • missing scrollbar problem fixed in version selection page for update
  • missing controls problem fixed in class selection page
  • browser documentation empty selection NPE fixed

FESA3 Plug-In 2.6.9 for Eclipse Neon (10/2016) on asl74x

  • bug-fix for automatic update of instance files
  • assured usage of python 2
  • new: C++ code template for subset selection

FESA FWK 4.0.0 "Beryllium" (09/2016)

  • changelog
  • first release on CentOS 7 (asl740..asl744)
  • Integration of White Rabbit based timing ECA V2

FESA3 Plug-In 2.6.8 for Eclipse Neon (09/2016) on asl74x

  • support for code generation for associated FESA classes
  • [FESA-6434] Launch navigator from class
  • [FESA-6497] Copy device in table view duplicates device ID

FESA FWK 4.0.0 "Beryllium" (08/2016)

  • version 4.0.0 ("Beryllium") availabe for beta testing on asl744

FESA3 Plug-In 2.6.7 for Eclipse Neon (08/2016) on asl74x

  • provided for Eclipse Neon for usage with FESA3 4.0.0

FESA3 Plug-In 2.6.6 for Eclipse Mars (08/2016) on asl73x

  • release procedure: creation of directories with proper rights

FESA3 Plug-In 2.6.5 for Eclipse Mars (08/2016) on asl73x

  • Improvements for working with subsets (subset creation wizard bug)
  • backward compatible preparations for FESA3 4.0.0
  • release procedure improvements (admins may select different group)

FESA3 Plug-In 2.6.4 for Eclipse Mars (05/2016)

  • Bug 1042 - Improvements for the Workflow with FESA Subsets
  • new editor option: validate FESA documents while opening

FESA3 Plug-In 2.6.3 for Eclipse Mars (04/2016)

  • FESA deploy-unit creation: selection of FESA class from local workspace for inclusion (new optional step)
  • Fesa-6336 Grid-view (TableEditor) for instantiation files does not show all fields
    • all array dimensions will be displayed
  • Improvement for version update dialog:
    • re-implemented feature: updating instance files as well when updating FESA deploy-units to newer FESA FWK versions
  • FEC configuration: missing timing configuration files will be automatically regenerated during code generation

FESA3 Plug-In 2.6.2 for Eclipse Mars (04/2016)

FESA3 Plug-In 2.6.2 for Eclipse Luna (03/2016)

  • FESA-6360 Build all from class
  • FESA-6377 Simplify DU creation
  • Re-create make targets if they are missing
  • Bug 983 - Table editor for detailed status items: extended functionality: speed up

FESA3 Plug-In 2.6.1 for Eclipse Luna (03/2016)

  • Bug 987 - Promotion of (new) fields does not work anymore

FESA3 Plug-In 2.6.0 for Eclipse Luna (03/2016)

  • Bug 983 - Table editor for detailed status items: extended functionality

FESA3 Plug-In 2.5.9 for Eclipse Luna (03/2016)

  • Bug 979 - Table editor for detailed status items

FESA FWK patch (03/2016) / FESA3 Plug-In 2.5.8 for Eclipse Luna (03/2016)

  • Bug 974 - Relaxation of validation process for accelerator zones
  • Bug 939 - Operational release: automatic tag creation

FESA FWK patch (03/2016)

  • Bug 972 - CERN timing not usable anymore, selector format identified as incorrect

FESA3 Plug-In 2.5.7 for Eclipse Luna (02/2016)

  • Bug during release of deploy-units fixed

FESA FWK 3.1.0 (02/2016)

  • Integration of the condition tools
  • Updated selector format / Extended acquisition context
  • Launch parameter for usage of FAIR timing not required anymore
  • Default documentation of GSI specific properties

FESA3 Plug-In 2.5.6 for Eclipse Luna (02/2016)

  • Bug 967 - Release: improve FEC selection
  • Bug in subset creation wizard fixed
  • Bug 957 - Integration of latest DB libraries
  • Bug 958 - DB export: DB selection depending on FESA software state (prepared)

FESA3 Plug-In 2.5.5 for Eclipse Luna (02/2016)

  • credential access problem on fresh installations of the FESA Eclipse plug-in
  • GSI-specific: skip build all wizard, only one CPU architecture @GSI
  • installation permissions during release
  • Bug 935 - Integration of Condition Compiler Tools (usable from FESA3 3.1.0 on)
  • improvement of html page upload, deletion of existing pages first
  • Support for FESA3 3.1.0 (migration)

FESA FWK patch (02/2016)

  • Bug 943 - Python Subset Generation: too many actions

FESA3 Plug-In 2.5.4 for Eclipse Luna (01/2016)

  • Support for subset design generation in Python instead of XSLT

FESA3 Plug-In 2.5.3 for Eclipse Luna (01/2016)

  • Bug 678 - Re-implement automatic upload of class documentation of released operational FESA software
  • new: toolbar button to upload FESA class documentation HTML file to webdav server

FESA3 Plug-In 2.5.2 for Eclipse Luna (12/2015)

  • Bug 891 - Automatic copy of FEX zip file during release copies wrong file

FESA3 Plug-In 2.5.1 for Eclipse Luna (12/2015)

  • Simplify creation of mock up instances

FESA3 Plug-In 2.5.0 for Eclipse Luna (11/2015)

  • Prevent export of original FESA documents if subsets are defined

FESA3 Plug-In 2.4.9 for Eclipse Luna (11/2015)

  • Improvements for creating fake device instance documents containing subsets for database insertion

FESA3 Plug-In 2.4.8 for Eclipse Luna (11/2015)

  • Improvements for creating subsets

FESA3 Plug-In 2.4.7 for Eclipse Luna (11/2015)

  • Bug 876 - Code from associated classes cannot be used anymore
  • Improved handling of subsets

FESA3 Plug-In 2.4.6 for Eclipse Luna (11/2015)

  • Bug 752 - Realize new concept: subsets/facades of FESA software

FESA3 Plug-In 2.4.5 for Eclipse Luna (09/2015)

  • Bug 752 - Realize new concept: subsets/facades of FESA software
  • Bug 592 - Migrate XSLT-Transformation in fesa-codegen-gsi to Python Code Generation: Preparation for deploy-unit run script creation with Python instead of XSLT
  • Export all required documents to the FESA database on the push of a single button
  • Installation of export directories with fesa group

FESA FWK 3.0.0 "Lithium" (planned for 09/2015)


FESA3 Plug-In 2.4.4 for Eclipse Luna (08/2015)

  • Support for IDs in designs for FESA 2.3.2
  • Additional validation rules to warn in case of custom actions and usage of referenced data fields
  • Bug 775 - Remove remaining parts for support of 32-bit environment

FESA3 Plug-In 2.4.3 for Eclipse Luna (07/2015)

  • Bug 770 - Possibility to launch a terminal
  • Bug 769 - Deliver FESA Explorer zip files for webserver
  • Bug 767 - Use deploy-unit name in name of zip-file for FESA Explorer
  • Bug 753 - Automatically created SVN Repository Location for classes/deploy-units appends trunk
  • adjust installation command to give write access to created directories for group members
  • create FEC data directory if it is missing during delivery
  • copy manual start script along during deployment for testing and debugging of 64-bit FECs
  • usage of accelerator zone information from WR timing config file while keeping backward compatibility for FESA3 2.2.2
  • [FESA-5958] Eclipse outline useless with IDs instead of names
  • adaption of FESA Explorer launch call

FESA FWK 2.3.2 "Helium" (07/2015)

  • Bug 751 - Integrate SAFTlib into FESA FWK
  • Bug 782 - Introduce specific CLIX rules for instantiation files


FESA FWK 2.2.2-patch 3 "Helium" (06/2015)

  • Bug 685 - Removal of obsolete Test accelerators

FESA FWK 2.2.2-patch 1/2 "Helium" (06/2015)

  • Bug 744 - Issues concerning GSI's acquisition context item

FESA3 Plug-In 2.3.11 for Eclipse Luna (05/2015)

  • Quick-fix for installation problem of new users

FESA3 Plug-In 2.3.10 for Eclipse Luna (05/2015)

  • Bug 738 - FESA class composition: notification of GSI properties of other class not possible

FESA3 Plug-In 2.3.9 for Eclipse Luna (05/2015)

  • Bug 731 - SVN repository location creation at start-up

FESA3 Plug-In 2.3.8 for Eclipse Luna (04/2015)

  • Bug 726 - No warning for GSI-Status-Property required
  • Bug 725 - Extend the device configuration rules to check the mux criterion values
  • Bug 706 - Improve svn:ignore settings
  • [FESA-5840] Prevent usage of out of date plugin versions with new versions of the framework
  • [FESA-5877] Regression: put back svn repositories url at startup
  • [FESA-5887] Newly created class documentation file is not opened automatically any more
  • [FESA-5929] Copy/Paste leads to invalid design due to duplicated IDs
  • [FESA-5905] Impossible to see the "problems" view if the documentation browser is enabled
  • [FESA-5881] Wizard to create basic structures
  • [FESA-5879] Add a wizard to generate min/max for a given value-item

FESA3 Plug-In 2.3.7 for Eclipse Luna (04/2015)

  • integration of migration tool for migration of FESA documents from FESA 2.0.1 to FESA 2.2.2
  • extended validation: introduction of accelerator zones conept
  • Bug 695 - Info message about successful release independent of actual success
  • Bug 692 - In a newly created instance document the global device name uses an invalid prefix
  • Skipping of delivery of FESA software developed with DEV FESA versions
  • Bug: FEC selection during delivery not required for FESA classes
  • i686 build target creation deactivated for 64-bit release 2.2.2
  • usage of timing configuration file for White Rabbit based timing at the timing groups location /common/usr/timing/groupsAndEvents

FESA FWK 2.2.2 "Helium" (04/2015)


FESA3 Plug-In 2.3.6 for Eclipse Luna (03/2015)

  • workaround release to help prevent initialization problem of FESA Eclipse plug-in for new users
  • Bug 672 - Idea: Creation of a versions.txt file in the FEC mount directory

FESA3 Plug-In 2.3.5 for Eclipse Luna (03/2015)

FESA FWK 2.0.1 "Helium" (03/2015)

  • Bug 604 - Broken Pipe Errors when using parallel compilation with option -j4

FESA3 Plug-In 2.3.4 for Eclipse Luna (02/2015)

  • Bug 675 - During delivery for 64-bit SCUs: wrong name for FEC configuration file
  • Bug 676 - Changes in expert preferences are not directly taken into account
  • Bug 669 - Display more elements information in FESA design editor (as before)

FESA3 Plug-In 2.3.3 for Eclipse Luna (02/2015)

Based on re-implementation by CERN.
  • extended for usage at GSI
  • GSI-specific expert preferences introduced
  • creation wizard: refresh files and folders before opening new classes/deploy-units
  • creation wizard: share new FESA projects into the repository
  • create SVN repository locations for classes and deploy-units at startup
  • enable line numbers in the editors at startup
  • Job to retrieve the user credentials from Eclipse's secure storage preferences added
  • wrong log directory initialization at startup fixed
  • export from database option for instance files disabled (currently not available @GSI)
  • slf4j log output issue solved
  • extract instance functionality disabled until this feature is available
  • unnecessary suppress warnings removed
  • DB export for classes and deploy-units
  • DB export for instances
  • Re-implement the status bar search field for finding elements within FESA design documents
  • LabParameters introduced
  • repository check page extended
  • Bug 670 - In selections: make the x86_64 CPU architecture the default option
  • Bug 671 - During delivery: allow to select the FEC that is going to be updated
  • LabConfigurationManager introduced
  • isAdmin function realized
  • GSI-specific settings for expert preferences introduced
  • deployment of FESA classes - started / extended
  • GSI-specific FESA Explorer launch
  • LabInstantiationManager adapted (timing domains etc)
  • initialize GSI-specific properties and settings in environment variables at startup
  • deployment of FESA deploy-units - started, extended
  • deployment of FESA deploy-units for 64-bit RAMdiscs implemented (new file/folder structure)
  • replace FESA version number in FEX launch path
  • configurable build commands introduced
  • create simulated timing config file only if 'NONE' was selected
  • access to state information of classes/deploy-units introduced
  • add login name to newly created design documents
  • build manager extended for configurable make targets such as clean, all
  • CERN specific stuff such as 2.10->3 migration, bean generation, etc deactivated
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