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Server C-API to build UV servers
uv is a API written in C providing an abstraction layer to set up an universal value server. Value data and structure information can be retrieved by clients via xvalue protocoll realised with xfer.

The xvalue protocoll defines mechanisms to exchange tree structured combinations of primitive types like boolean, byte, integer, floating point, strings and arrays of them. The client monitors the value tree and is informed about of value and structure changes.

The tree is organized in a file-system like manner. A so called file is build of a value and meta information like user and group id, read/write/mutable information, time information of last change, textual description. A file's value set up as writable may be overwritten by a client, a file's value set up as mutuable may be subscribed by a client. Possible value types are primitive types and arrays of them mentioned above. Beside, the value type may be of type folder, queue, mountpoint.

A folder is just a list of files (which of course may contain folder values). A client which subsribes to a folder is informed about structure changes, i.e. adding or removing of files.

A queue is on server side just a data sink the server or some client may put arbitrary files (folders) to. This file objects are send to all clients which subsribed to the server queue.

A mountpoint is just a special file containing IP host and port information of another uv server. A client can use this information to mount those services to the original file tree.

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