cscosv-device-test is a command line tool that does some basic tests on a specified FESA device and property.

The program is installed on the development RedHat 6 Cluster (asl73x) and the usage is quite simple. You just have to specify a FESA device and property name (REMEMBER: It Is CaSe SeNsItIvE ):


Provide device name as first command line argument, and property as the second:
  <executable> <deviceName> <propertyName>

  java -jar cscosv-device-test.jar PLLEVM1 Status

When the tool is executed it will print detailed logging output to STDERR of everything that happens. After the logging output there will be a small summary table print to STDOUT that gives an overview about the result of the different tests:
/common/usr/cscosv/opt/cscosv-device-test/bin/ DUMMYDEV Status


--------------- Result Summary ---------------

    Device               : 'DUMMYDEV'
    Property             : 'Status'

    Nameserver           : failure
    CMW/RDA3 (get)       : failure
    JAPC (get)           : failure
    CMW/RDA3 (subscribe) : failure
    JAPC (subscribe)     : failure

The "Nameserver" test checks that the device is registered with the nameserver at GSI. If this test fails all the other tests will also be failures.

The "get" tests try to read the specified property synchronous.

The "subscribe" tests are asynchronous and just wait for the first answer to arrive, then they unsubscribe the connection.

If the tests succeed they usually print the values that are read from the device or nameserver.
If any of tests are failing, try to look at the logging output. There are markers that help you to find the information relevant for your test case:

13:24:56:420 INFO ----- Testing Nameserver - START
13:24:56:821 INFO ----- Testing Nameserver - STOP
13:24:56:821 INFO ----- Testing CMW/RDA3 (get) - START
13:24:56:968 INFO ----- Testing CMW/RDA3 (get) - STOP

If you are interested in the source code it is available in SVN:
svn checkout cscosv-device-test

Understanding the Results

Error Possible Cause
JAPC (get/subscribe) Is the FESA software known by the database?
Every access test failed Is the FESA software up and running?
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