First check manual from Uli !!!:

The following might be outdated:

Load new DAQ MAkro into firmware for KArlheinz DAQ:
cd /home/bel/ubecker/lnx/src/gsi/readable/bel_projects/tools
export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/common/export/timing-rte/tg-doomsday-v4.0.4/x86_64/lib
./eb-fwload tcp/scuxl0134 u0 0 /home/bel/ubecker/lnx/bin/daq_control.bin

Load firmware for PowerSupply-MIL DAQ:

folgende Kommandos versorgen die FGs in der scuxl0107 mit Daten

fesa-fg-load --dev ~kain/fgtest/aeg/gs11mu2.rmp xgs11mu2 -v

fesa-fg-load --dev ~kain/fgtest/aeg/gs11mu2.rmp xgs11mu3 -v

Gruß Peter
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