Restart or debug the daemon, if it is not running
When debugging a daemon which is not running properly it makes sense to first start the binary manually, in order to see why it fails to run when started by the daemon.
  1. ssh to the server
  2. execute ps to see the daemon and the related FESA process which was launched by the daemon (if running at all)
    • Optional: If no deamon is running, on the FEC you can go into /opt/nfsinit/ and run the picoscope and the fesa-script.
    • If you have any prod. binaries in /opt/fesa/local, this will launch the daemon for them. Note that all files will be copied to /opt/fesa/du and the deamon will be launched from there, using the local files.
      • E.g: ./opt/nfsinit/dal007/01_picoscope
      • E.g: ./opt/nfsinit/dal007/50_fesa
  3. Copy the full deamon-line into some external editor (it possibly is required to increase the size of the terminal to see the full line )
  4. Copy the parts which are important for us into separate lines in your external editor .. e.g.:
    • Export the cmw env. variable. E.g: export
    • Running the binary. E.g: /opt/fesa/du/DigitizerDU/DigitizerDU -instance /opt/fesa/du/DigitizerDU/DigitizerDU.instance -confdir /opt/fesa/du/DigitizerDU/
  5. kill the running daemon and the FESA process, launched by the daemon (if running at all)
  6. Export the cmw-envirnoment-variable and run the FESA process by using the command from the damon
  7. Check if you get any error/seg.Fault/Console-Message which may help to figure out why the process does not run properly
  8. If you fixed the problem, you can start the daemon again by executing the full deamon command (as shown by ps )
    • E.g: daemon -n DigitizerDU -r -E daemon.err -- /opt/fesa/du/DigitizerDU/DigitizerDU -instance /opt/fesa/du/DigitizerDU/DigitizerDU.instance -confdir /opt/fesa/du/DigitizerDU/
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