Serial Terminal Servers

Name Standort VME-Rahmen V08 GuP oder SE an Port-Nummer
      2001 2011 2021 2031
k1xct01 LSB1   K1XCS019     K1XCG01
k1xct02 LSB1   K1XCS029     K1XCG02
k2xct01 LSB2   K2XCG01      
k3xct01 HLI (LSB3) 5C, 5D, 5E K3XCG01 K3XCS012    
k4xct01 LSB4   SE     K4XCG01
k4xct02 LSB4   K4XCS03x K4XCS025 K4XCG03 K4XCG02
k5xct01 LSB5         K5XCG01
k6xct01 LSB6   K6XCG01      
ka2ct01 AEG-Raum 4C, 4D, 55, 56       KA2CG01
kcect01 ESR-Meßhütte 8A, 96   KCECG01 KCECS8A1 CT Node 8A
ke1ct01 Elektronik-Raum SD 6B, 6C, 6D, (91, 92) KE1CG02 KE1CS024 KE1CS014 KE1CG01
ke1ct02 ELR Injektion, Extraktion 63, 81 KE1CS043 KE1CS036 KE1CG04 KE1CG03
ke2ct01 ELR SD 91, 92 KE2CS022 KE2CS027   KE2CG02
ke3ct01 ELR SD (93), 94, 95 KE3CG02 KE3CS023 KE3CS024 KE3CG03
ke3ct02 ELR PZ-Rack 68, 70, 71, 80, 84 KE3CS052 KE3CS043   KE3CG04
ke3ct03 ELR WR, Timingsystem          
kfhct01 FRS-Meßhütte 83 KFHCS018 KFHCG02 KFHCS015 KFHCG01
kg1ct01 Netzgeräte-Galerie   KG1CS011 KG1CS012 KG1CG01 KG1CG02
kp1ct01 Prg.Entw.Raum 21 KP1CG01, KP1CG02, KP1CG03
kp1ct02 Prg.Entw.Raum 3E Timing
kp1ct03 Mobil, Prg.Entw.Raum -- --
ktrct01 HITRAP A3       KTRCG01
kubct01 Mobiles Rack -- KM1CG01 DGX PLA DS
kuect01 Ex-Hallen-Keller   SE KUECG02 KUECG05 KUECG03
ke2ct02 Elektronik-Raum ZKS   UWZ      
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