Packet Control


Packet Control is a utility for handling of processes, which are managed by Serviceguard.Serviceguard takes care that specified processes are running on one of several nodes in a cluster. If ia process is not running (because the process, or the computer, crashed) Serviceguard will restart the process. Especially when a computer crashes, Serviceguard takes care that the processes will be restartet of another node in the computer cluster.

Packet Control provides to display the status of processes running under Serviceguard and to display the nodes they are presently running. Packet Control provides commands to stop, and to restart, a specified process explicitly. By Packet Control one of the nodes in the cluseter may be selected to run a specified process.
Start of Packet Control

Presently (Nov. 2011), packet control handles processes under Serviceguard in the Linux cluster asl32x. The Packet Control utility can be started by the command

asl320$ /common/usr/services/packControl 

Packet Control requires specific authorization, which has to be granted by the system manager.
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