Access to ACOIND PLC Systems is restricted. The PLCs are separated by a virtual subnet, which is protected by a firewall.

Specific frontends, running Silecs-FESA classes can be whitelisted in the Firewall. Ask ACOINN and ACOIND for that (E.g. Peter Pfister and Christine Betz).

silecs-diagnostic-cpp, silecs-cli-client and FESA classes won't be able to directly connect to such PLCs when started on asl75x. silecs-diagnostic-cpp cannot be run on a whitelisted server, since such don't have no graphic stack installed.

However, if you have access to a whitelisted server, a tunnel can be set up to make the tools functional again for the time of development. Exchange "vml123" and "plc_system_name" with the concrete name of the server and the PLC.

For the whitelisted server:

// Connect to whitelisted server
ssh root@vml123

// Open the tunnel to plc_system_name (port 102 is the port used by snap7)
ssh -L root@vml123

On the asl cluster:
// On the cluster create your local hosts file
echo 'plc_system_name vml123' >> ~/.hosts

// set it to the HOSTALIASES environment variable
export HOSTALIASES=~/.hosts

// Start PLC communication
silecs -d ~/path/to/workspace/MySilecsDeploy/src/MySilecsDeploy.silecsdeploy

Note that a drawback is, that this tunnel only will work for a single PLC. If your setup features multiple PLC's, you only will be able to connect to a single PLC each time.

More info can be found here:

Siemens generally


  • Only global DBs can be accessed (that's the default)
  • The optimized block access must be turned off ( will be generated by silecs with v. >0.10.0 )
    • Rechtsclick auf Datenbaustein --> Eigenschaften --> Attribute -_> Optimierter Bausteinzugriff
  • The access level must be “full” and the “connection mechanism” must allow GET/PUT
    • Rechtsklick auf Controller --> Eigenschaften --> Schutz __> Verbindungsmechanismen
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