Preparations for prototype

This page contains preparations for prototyping parts of an alarm system.

Frontend testdevice

To make possible tests that
  • are predictable
  • are available independently of the frontend group
  • are available independently of machine operation
  • are realistic
a test device (FE project) was implemented that
  • runs on the frontend (it is a DeviceAccess device and can be installed on the GuP KP1CG01)
  • can be configured at runtime (through properties)
  • to expose in its properties
  • well defined data.
Until now the device can be configured
  • to loop different weather data from start of 2009 to end of 2009
    • 18 such data sets are available (compare spreadsheet & doc)
    • an example is temperature which can be used to simulate a device with jittering values that raise and lower
    • another example is visibility distance which can be used to simulate oscillating alarms (using a threshold rule)
  • to loop a custom sequence of integer data elements
  • to choose the speed of cycling
This allows for predictable property data.

To add if required later:
  • status bit masks
  • random simulation of data
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