Kernel CPU87 and CU824

Last Kernel with support for the CPU87/CU824 ppc architecture is 2.6.25. After that Linux switched the all PowerPC boards to a more generic form that uses an instanciation file to initialize the hardware. There is no such file for CPU87/CU824.

Both boards use a similiar CPU but need different kernels as the device initialization is part of the kernel for ppc. CPU87 network is a lxt, CU824 is e100pro.


Sources are in Subversion

The vanilla Kernel sources have been modified by Denx (original upstream was at;a=commit;h=23e5e7341e83d8c755c9e7cf20f2b45d9047c01a linux-2.6-denx-23e5e7341e83d8c755c9e7cf20f2b45d9047c01a but is no longer available). Patches and sources in

The following patches are necessary

  • linux-
  • linux-
  • linux-
  • linux-
  • linux-
  • linux-

It is not necessary to patch ec-irpts. ec-irpts is maintained as an out of tree module in subversion.

Initialize ELDK environment (ARCH and CROSS_COMPILER)


. /opt/eldk/
export ARCH=ppc
export CROSS_COMPILE=powerpc-linux-
export -n LDFLAGS


make mrproper
make cpu87_defconfig
# or make cu824_defconfig

edit .config and set the following settings to "y"

update the config so all depencies of the above options are also set
yes "" | make config


make uImage
Result is arch/ppc/boot/images/uImage


checkout from subversion.
KMOD=/path/to/the/kernel/you/just/build make modules

Module ec_irpts will be loaded with a script and insmod. On the blades that is /common/usr/eldk/ppc_6xx/home/vme/interrupt/ec_irpts-$kver.ko
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