FESA3 2.2.2 Release Planning

choice-yes choice-no

prio : 1[low] .... 10[high]


What Info Status prio effort estimate
Integration of latest bug-fixes from CERN e.g. fix for the double-buffer synchronization   10 2d
Usage of CMW 1.0.1 For the first: a 64/bit Installation should be sufficient choice-yes    
improve integration of beam process concept bug, should be part of the new release, needed for LSA testing purposes at the CRYRING choice-yes 5 1d
Migration script to update from 2.0.1 to the future version bug choice-yes 10  
link all required libraries statically in a deploy-unit bug choice-yes 7  
Usage of a suitable name for the context item bug choice-yes 7 1d
Validate the timing configuration file bug choice-yes 7 1d
Prevent irritating error message during start-up bug > tbd with cern choice-yes 1 1d
rolling-buffer depth attribute missing in new instance-file bug choice-yes 5 2h
Integration of versioned etherbone/eca libraries -> CSCOTG etherbone is versioned only in the header files, not in the installation paths. ECA will be replaced by SAFT-lib which will be versioned / static linking! choice-no 7 1d
Instantiation file: device names may not contain '#' Bug 681 - Instantiation file: device names may not contain '#' choice-yes 5 1h
Seg.Fault if subscribe is done to a fesa-binary which runs without root privileges FESA-5699 (added, since it is a critical bug)   9 2d
Allow attribute 'id' in GSI-specific xml-elements Bug 686 choice-yes 10 1d

FESA Eclipse plug-in

What Info Status prio effort estimate
Migrate to Eclipse Luna in coordination with AP issue1 issue2 choice-yes    
Realization of deployment procedure for 64-bit SCUs   choice-yes    
Display of additional relevant information in design editor issue choice-yes 7 1d
Integration of a migration script in update procedure bug choice-yes 3 2d


What Info Status prio effort estimate
Broken pipe problem during parallel builds bug choice-yes 3  
Exclusion of CERN specific include paths bug requires patch of general makefile packet 0 4h

What Info Status prio effort estimate
Possibility for a FESA installation on the relevant (development) systems   choice-yes 10 ?
FEX config file - installation mode issue choice-yes 10 0,5h
Define a FESA FWK version, 2.2.2   choice-yes 10 1m
Test of the resulting FESA installation     10 10d ?
Provide an up-to-date set of WIKI pages for this release   choice-yes for the widest part 10  
Update the FESA3HandsOn, according to the current eclipse plug-in. Add info on the release-procedure     8 2d

Postponed for a later Release

  • integrate the so called "SAFTLib" () provided by the White Rabbit timing team (usage of a library that provides an interface to the initialization of the ECA unit etc)
  • integration of the alarm system into FESA: https://www-acc.gsi.de/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=661
  • integration of CMX metrics? Requires tools potentionally provided by a group different than CSCOFE
  • evaluation of integration of condition compiler to translate error messages: https://www-acc.gsi.de/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=651
  • Usage of CMW 1.2.1 (available as 64-bit version, -> CSCOSV)
  • Extension of XSD schema validation / CLX rules validation for CERN zone concept: bug

-- SolveighMatthies - 15 Sep 2014
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