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Workflow - Production of operational FESA3 Equipment Software at GSI

Before you start to implement anything, you should clarify all requirements and ensure that all CS-CO-FE standards are fulfilled. This should be done by:
  • Generate a first design draft, in consideration of the FESA Development Guideline1
  • Arrange a meeting with all necesarry people and present your design-draft. You might need the following participants:
    • Jutta Fitzek or Raphael Müller (property names, middleware interface and class services)
    • Solveigh Matthies and/or Dominic Day (FESA3 possibilities, class design, functionalities and code details)
    • The device expert (hardware connection and device specialities / behaviour)
    • The end user (interface and required services)
    • Yourself of course wink
  • After all participants agreed on how the equipment software should look like, write an implementation proposal. This overview should contain information on the following issues:
    • Property - names and services
    • Realtime - actions and dependencies
    • Validation tests of the FESA class (ideally and if possible with the real device (hardware))
    • Any other FESA class-related information that could be relevant
  • Send this proposal to all meeting participants (e.g. start on this wiki page: FESAclassDevelopmentSpecificEquipment) and wait for responses/change requests. If some fundamental points are still not agreed/fully understood, a second meeting could be necessarry.
  • If everybody gave his/her ok, implementation may be started. You should begin implementation by using the GSIClassTemplate in order to follow the FESA Development Guideline. If any trouble arises you can use the FESA3 wiki or directly ask the GSI FESA team for help (phone / email to the FESA support mailing list). We will support you on any problems regarding FESA3. Don't forget to provide a proper documentation for your class: inside the code using doxygen as well as in a separate document (e.g. Word, OpenOffice, LaTeX) or in the FESA3 way by providing an HTML page.
  • Keep in mind that your first aim should be to implement a mockup class for testing purposes. This allows the application developers from CS-CO-AP to start GUI developments at an early stage (more details can be found in the FESA Development Guideline)
  • You need to obtain a proper device name for your device which will be used for the device-instance names. For this purpose, please contact Maria Kuehn.
  • As soon as you finished implementation, the GSI FESA team will review your code and help you test your implementation. If any problem is found during review/test, the FESA team will inform you about it. After you fixed the problem in your code, the whole process may be repeated, until the class is fully functional and ready for operation.
  • You can install and run your class at an operational front-end. Please also note, that your class will be added to the operational source-code control repository. Per default you will be one of the persons in charge if changes for this class should be needed (FWK updates, ideas, wishes & user requests ...).
  • New operational front-ends first need to be registered by the Infrastructure- and by the Timing-Group:
  • If you have the feeling that an issue is missing on this list, please report it to the FESA team. We will check if we should add the missing task to this list.

1 The FESA Development Guideline is hosted at For now, the pdf attached here and the document at EDMS will not be updated.
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