For almost all actions mentioned here, you need an active CERN account. If you don't have one already, you can get a CERN account here: GET CERN ACCOUNT

Connection to the CERN repositories using Eclipse

  • choose the SVN repository view, rightclick to SVN repositories, new repository location
  • Use the URL. E.g. in "" are the FESA3 sources.
  • In "" the common CERN makefiles are located.
  • Use your CERN login and password
  • If you don't know which repositories are available, take a look here

Connection to the CERN File systems

  • Use a ssh client to connect to
  • Directly connect there, using your CERN login: (on linux use the command: "ssh"
  • Connect further to any pc of the CERN linux cluster to get the common nfs-structures (E.g. cs-ccr-dev3)

Using an SSH Tunnel to open internal CERN Websites

First close all open browser windows. If a window remains open, the proxy settings will not be used. In a terminal type the following:

ssh -C2qTnN -D 1080
# -N: don't run a command: just make redirections/proxies
# -D: set up a proxy server on local port 1080
# -C switch for compression
# -n Redirects stdin from /dev/null 
# -2 Forces ssh to try protocol version 2 only.
# -q quiet, no output

Now you can set "localhost:1080" as proxy in the settings of the browser of your choice. Use protocol: "socks5".

If you are using chromium(chrome), you can just start it with the following option:
chromium --proxy-server="socks5://localhost:1080"

Connection to CERN Web Services using a Proxy

  • Set up putty
    • host name:
    • port: 22
    • Connection type: SSH
    • SSH/Tunnels: Forwarded port: D4445
    • SSH/Tunnels: Destination: local
  • In the browser install a tool to set up proxies, e.g. FoxyProxy for Firefox. Set up:
    • Manual configuration
    • host or IP adress: localhost
    • port 4445
    • SOCKS-Proxy: SOCKS v4/4a
  • Log on using the CERN account name/password using putty
  • In the browser switch to the proxy configured for accessing CERN's internal web services such as JIRA, FishEye & Crucible, the FESA Wiki, ...

Connection to a CERN Windows Terminal Server: remote desktop

  • Via Windows
    • Use Internet Explorer to connect to a CERN Terminal Server
    • Choose Web Remote Desktop Connection
    • Choose cerntsnew as server
    • Try to connect
    • If connect does not work/is grayed out, the reason could be you are missing some ActiveX Remote Desktop plugin for the Internet Explorer. This should be available HERE. If the Link does not work .. just google a bit, you should be able to find the plug-in.
  • Via Linux
    • rdesktop -a 16 -u NICElogin -d CERN -g 1280x1024 &
    • login as: CERN\username

Phone calls from GSI to CERN

  • Inside GSI you only need to type *618 and the desired CERN internal number to call fellow workers at CERN. Your GSI telephone does not have to be enabled to call to France/Swizerland to use the short dial.

Connection to JIRA (bug/issue report & software development organisation tool)

  • Once logged on to a CERN machine, you can open JIRA following THIS LINK.
  • To be able to create, not only read FESA issues, please refer to Stephane Deghaye (CERN)
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