VMS message compiler for the BEL Application Linux Migration project
msgc [OPTIONS] [-l libname] file.msg [...]
-h              : this help-message
-v              : increase verbosity
-s              : don't add underscore to symbols
-u              : define uppercase symbols
-U              : define uppercase parameters and identifier names
-t              : keep temporary files
-f format       : cfhpx for C,FORTRAN,Header,Python,Text (default: fhp)
-S major.minor  : generate shared library lib<name>.so.major.minor
                  so-name is lib<name>.so.major
-T dir          : name of temporary directory (default: tmpmsgdir)
-I dir          : include-path for cc (default: .)
                  The file 'cmsg.h' must be found in that path!!!
-F path         : outpath for FORTRAN includes (default: .)
-C path         : outpath for C-Includes (default: .)
-P path         : outpath for Python modules (default: .)
-X path         : outpath for Text modules (default: .)
-L path         : outpath for generated lib (default: .)
-M              : flag to enable 64-bit format of library
-J path         : outpath for java jar packages (default: .)
-j packagename  : name for java package to create (default: de.gsi.bel.vms)

-l <name>       : generate lib<name>.a or lib<name>.so.major.minor (see option -S)
                  for the default name ('condmsg') 
                  the C-library's symboldefinitions will be: 
                  cmsgarr, cmsgno, cfacarr, cfacno 
                  cfemsgarr, cfemsgno, cfefacarr, cfefacno 
                  for the default name ('condmsg') 
                  the java packet's class  will be: 

msgc generates the fortran, c include, text files, and python module-files for conditional numbers
in file.f, file.h, file.c, file.var, and resp. due to format option -f ...
... and a C-library and a java jar packet. 
The library contains symboldefinitions of conditional values
and conditional messages for all files in argument list.
The java packet contains a class to access the conditional messages
by value and facility text by their number.

The message parser implements only a subset of the specification of the 
vms-message-utility (MESSAGE) and of the formatted-ascii-output (FAO)

msgc is a tool to process VMS message files. It generates
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