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Figure 1: A complete exploder5a module (top view). Main.AlexanderHahn 15 Jul 2015
GSI Timing Team Core members of the GSI Timing Team are: F. Ameil (associated): work package lead (FAIR) D. Beck: operation, tools and docs, legacy stuff for UNIL...
Acronyms These acronyms are focused on the timing system, but may contain other acronyms of the accelerator complex as well. Unclear Acronyms acronyms to be clar...
r9 - 19 Sep 2016 - 15:45 by MichaelReese
Report: Latency and Loss of Timing Messages in the Timing System Introduction Starting in October 2019 the ECA Tap module was added to the gateware of a few dedi...
Documentation Some documentation is given here. This is not structured but just a collection of various things. * Documents * HOW TOs * Releases * Cur...
Timing Receiver: Usage For using a Timing Receiver (TR) please follow the directions here. What is Needed * TR hardware, see here what is supported by the cur...
Getting Started * Essentials * Timing Receiver: Event Condition Action Unit * Timing Receiver: Usage Main.DietrichBeck 16 Nov 2018
Data Master, UNILAC PZ and Various Gateways An Overview Introduction Today (December 2021) there exist two Machine Timing Systems at GSI. First, the General Ma...
Groups and Machines Figure: Overview on GSI accelerators. Click here for a larger image. Overview Accelerator equipment relevant for the control system is organi...
How To: Poor Man's (d, m, w) Path to Device Access Introduction This How To is not even a how to. Instead, it is just a collection of stuff required to develop a...
"D?" Candidate Release Probably in March 2018. See here. Main.DietrichBeck 01 Mar 2018
Older News * 21 September 2021 * uhps, the Grandmaster had the wrong time * fixed * 15 September 2021 * electricity is back again * ...
Introduction to the General Machine Timing System The FAIR facility involves a long chain of accelerators which need to be tightly synchronized. An important cons...
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FAIR Accelerator Control System General Glossary Glossary Overview This web intents to define and explain the most important and relevant technical terms of ...
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What is FESA ? The software running in the front end equipment controllers (FECs) will be developed using an adequate front end framework, called FESA. This frame...
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Home Page of Dietrich Beck Location Dr. Dietrich BECK Project Management FAIR (PRO)/Commons (COM)/Control Systems (ACO)/Timing Online Scheduling (TOS) GSI He...
Dr. Martin Skorsky Timing Online Scheduling (TOS) GSI Helmholtzzentrum für Schwerionenforschung GmbH Planckstraße 1 64291 Darmstadt Office: BR...
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