Install etherbone library on tsl101 server

  • login on acc8-dev cluster (e.g. asl751) and clone repo and checkout correct branch
git clone bel_projects_tsl101
cd bel_projects_tsl101
git checkout fallout
  • mount the target directory on tsl101 server
mkdir tsl101_target_dir
sshfs <user> tsl101_target_dir
  • build etherbone library and tools, install the tools and install the ehterbone library
make etherbone
make -C tools
make -C tools STAGING=`pwd`/tsl101_target_dir PREFIX=/ install
cd ip_cores/etherbone-core/api/
./configure --prefix=/ --enable-static --enable-shared
make DESTDIR=`pwd`/../../../tsl101_target_dir PREFIX=/ install
  • fix write permissions (group members should get write permissions) and unmount the target directory
cd ../../../
chmod g+w tsl101_target_dir/include/etherbone.h tsl101_target_dir/bin/eb-* tsl101_target_dir/lib/libetherbone.*
fusermount -u tsl101_target_dir
-- MichaelReese - 07 Sep 2022
Topic revision: r1 - 07 Sep 2022, MichaelReese
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