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-- MezianeKettou - 21 Oct 2019

To get the Logging of a Spring-Boot webapplication/restservice directed to graylog, you need to add in a first step the folowing dependency to your project's pom:
  <version>14.0.0</version> <!--as of 21.10.2019. -->

The trivial way to provide a configuration file for the Log4j2 Framework

In a second step, you have to copy one of the log4j2-.xml* configuration file to the src/main/resources of your project and rename it to log4j2.xml: please note that, as of 21.10.2019 only log4j2-dev.xml and log4j2-pro.xml are logging to graylog using INFO level.

A better alternative

As a better alternative: you have just to indicate in the which of the log4j2-.xml* configuration file contained in the common-dependencies-x.x.x.jar shall be used to configure the Log4j2 framework.

How to do it

to achieve this goal, just provide the name of the configuration-file to use as the value for the parameter logging.config: et voilĂ !

Of course you don't need to copy the configuration file to the src/main/resources of your project.
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