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FESA Database Version R10

What's new:

The FESA Database is now a database with a versioning system like the LSA database. That means, every adjustment will be saved into the xml-script for liquibase. This progam helps database developer to apply changes. With this script can the database roll out from the scratch.

In this new version from the FESA database will work some old features not longer. To figure out which feature are not more supported, the following list shows the changes.

What don't work anymore [under construction]:

This is an uncompleted list of features which are no longer supported. If you find some discrepancies don't hesitated to write me.
Accelerator Zones:

The acceleratorZone value like "YRLE#201" (with #) cannot import into the new database.
HTML Codes in comments:

The database checks if you write a comment like aMax < bMin this '<' is a part of a markup language like HTML or XML. For this reason don't use such a char for describing FESA classes

Error Messages:

Some error message from the database are not very predicating. You have two option. First to enable the E-Mail sending procedure (just send me an E-Mail with you cluster name and your E-Mail) and second send me an error text for the old error and we will applied it into the database.

-- SebastianMueller - 07 Mar 2018
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