• Download Omniorb from (includes omnithread)
  • unset LD_LIBRARY_PATH; source /common/usr/embedded/yocto/fesa/current/sdk/environment-setup-core2-64-ffos-linux
  • mkdir build
  • cd build
  • ../configure ${CONFIGURE_FLAGS} --prefix=/home/bel/schwinn/lnx/tmp/omiorb-yocto
  • make -j8
  • make install
  • TODO: read OECORE_SDK_VERSION env variable and use the major version as suffix. E.g.: omiorb-yocto-4
  • TODO: If that is going to be permanent, fork the omniorb repo to GSI + Add this manual as README ?!

Devacc Framework

CIA Equipment Model

Testing on scuxl0640

  • Make sure that the fec uses the correct bootimage (yocto): pxe-config -l scuxl0640
  • Create some scuxl0640.dbs via dbsgen or dbsgenpy ... or use /home/bel/schwinn/lnx/git/dbsgenpy/scuxl0640.dbs (E.g. use scuxl0183 as a template)
  • Copy all the binaries/libs and the scuxl0640.dbs files into some folder on that system. E.g. scp root@scuxl0640:/home/root
  • Login to scuxl0640
  • Define which nameserver to use:
    • export
    • export ACC_NAMESERVER_PORT=52315
  • Create a loc directory if missing
    • [ -d /var/lock/acc ] || mkdir -p /var/lock/acc
  • Open port for alarms
    • echo "AccAlarm 54321/udp" >> /etc/services
  • Run devman
    • devman --persistent
  • You should see now:
    • Devman is running as SCUXL0640...
  • Check for errors:
    • journalctl
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