Control System Integration: SIS100

Roles, Responsibilities, Contacts

Function Name GSI phone e-mailSorted ascending
Deputy MCC at CSCO Christian HILLBRICHT 3248 C.Hillbricht
Physics Model (LSA) specialist for SIS100 David ONDREKA 1430 D.Ondreka
MCC (Machine Controls Coordinator) at CSCO Jutta FITZEK 1689 J.Fitzek
MPL (Machine Project Leader) for SIS100 Peter SPILLER 2405 P.Spiller
WPL (Work Package Leader) for SIS100 WPLs: file:///\\winfilesvh\B$Group\1_FAIRGSI$docu\1_Machines\2.8_SIS100\0_Overall_SIS100\Project_Management\Planning\SIS100%20Arbeitspaketstruktur.docx

Relevant Documentation & Information

Machine-specific News

  • 10.03.2016: Injection Kickers: CDR discussed with Ampegon, controls integration concept refined, needs further technical discussion and coordination
  • 27.11.2015: RF acceleration system: FDR for amplifiers approved with minor comments (Ethernet connectivity and Interlock interface issues)
  • 18.11.2015: Created this Wiki

Integration Plan & Schedule

See here: //../belgroup/Projekte/CRYRING@ESR/Overview_CRYRING_HW-FE_vNN.ods (this is an example!)

Specific Controls Sub-Projects

Equipment Integration


  • rack planning
    • supply room building, link to document
    • another room building, link to document
  • cables
    • cave/tunnel, link to document
    • supply room, link to document

-- RalphBaer - 18 Nov 2015

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