Control System Integration: HITRAP

HITRAP is a ion trap facility which is designed for capturing and cooling of highly charged ions (HCI) produced at the GSI-accelerator complex. In the HITRAP facility heavy highly charged ions will be available as bare nuclei (up to uranium U92+), hydrogen-like ions or few-electron systems at low temperatures. Highly charged ions are accelerated in the heavy-ion synchrotron SIS, stripped in a foil to the desired charge state and injected into the storage ring ESR. In the ESR the ions will be decelerated to an energy of 3 MeV/u. They are then extracted in a fast-extraction mode as short ion bunches, are decelerated and cooled to helium temperatures in Penning traps (Source: GSI Website on HITRAP).



Roles & Responsibilities

Function Name GSI phone e-mail
MCC (Machine Controls Coordinator) at ACO TODO TODO TODO
Control System Contact Person at HITRAP TODO TODO TODO
MPL (Machine Project Leader) for HITRAP TODO TODO TODO
Physics Model (LSA) specialist for HITRAP TODO TODO TODO

Status and Schedule


Integration Plan & Schedule


Tests & Acceptance



  • rack planning
    • supply room building, link to document
    • another room building, link to document
  • specific equipment
    • special device 1
  • cables
    • cave/tunnel, link to document
    • supply room, link to document

Accelerator Nomen (Nomenklatur)

Nomenclatures for HITRAP can be found in "BEL-Web" via Accnomen -> "Best├╝ckung". More precisely, HITRAP devices are located in sections 527 and 529.

Note: The aforementioned intranet pages are accessible via the Campus network only.

Schematic overview pictures

General Overview

Atomphysik HITRAP index 01overviewWeb 01.png

Source: GSI Website on HITRAP

Timing Groups / Particle Transfers / Accelerator Zones

HITRAP Schema Abschnitte Strahlwege V01.pdf

Source: Frank Herfurth, Zoran Andelkovic, Peter Gerhard

Further Documents & Presentations



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