Migration NFS Server to rocky 8

the nfs server fsl00c will be migrated to a rocky 8 based system.

The nfs server provides filesystems /common/home, /common/export, /common/tftp, /common/fesadata, /common/sd, etc.

All data will be migrated. Hostname and mount paths will stay the same.

nfs v2

Support for nfs v2 will end.

All frontend systems (also systems that want to stay on el7 based ramdisk till 2022-12) need to migrate to a new ramdisk with nfs v3 support. All nfsinit scripts will need to modify their mount scripts. Something like mount -t nfs -o ro,nolock $NFSHOST:$NFSBASE/$NAME ...

migration steps

to keep the current hostname and ips a hard migration will be necessary. The current nfs server will be stopped, data copied, hostname and ip migrated and the new server started. A timeline will be announced once it is finalized.

Mount scripts can only be fixed (and tested) after the migration is complete. The current nfs server and ramdisk do not support nfs v3.

-- ChristophHandel - 26 Apr 2022
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