Linux filesystems

Or where is software installed?


Some Software can't be packaged, or is just a shared directory of a group.

/common some form of shared folders. NFS mounts or cluster filesystems

/common/usr/group cluster directory shared for a group or project. For Example /common/usr/cscoin is the group directory for the infrastructure. Members of a group automaticly have /common/usr/groupname/bin in the their PATH and lib in the LD_LIBRARY_PATH

/common/sys cluster directory managed by system administrators. Contains unpackaged software and cluster services.

Packaged with rpm

Software should be packaged using rpms and follow the Linux Filesystem Hierachy Standards and/or redhats version of it.

/opt software not following standard filesystem layouts, but still packaged by rpm

/opt/gsi Packaged software developed at gsi, or packages providing newer versions than stock rhel packages (for example boost). Packages should be named gsi-something.

/opt/cern Packaged software developed at cern. For Example cmw middleware. Packages should be named cern-something

/opt/fesa Packaged installation of the fesa framework (not the deployunits and code). For historic reasons and project size it has its own directory. Packages should be named fesa-something

-- ChristophHandel - 06 May 2014
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