Known IP Ports

The following non-standard IP ports are used by GSI Services.

All Programs should be capable to use a different port without a recompile (config file, command line flag)

General Information about port reservation . A nicer list can be found at

The original thought was that private (non-offical ports) are in the range 49152 through 65535. (resulted in using some ports as indicated below). Problem is that clients connecting to services need to use an outgoing port. These ports are called Ephemeral Ports. Linux is by default using the range 32768 to 61000. Nothing bad happens if also a listener/service is in this range but it should be avoided.

Ports below 1024 are privileged ports. They should not be used by user applications as they require root privileges to open a bind.

The table lists knows listeners/services (not ephemeral ports). Ports should only be reserverd after consulting BEL/IN.

Port Service Comment
2000 - 2020 kvm serial console kvm virtual console ports (or serial over ip console ports)
2181 Zookeeper Clients
2888 Zookeeper Follower
3888 Zookeeper Leader Election
4560 log4j socket receiver Default port for log4j SocketAppender
5011 rsrvr BEL Application Registration Service
5013 isrvr BEL Application Information Service
5015 nsrvr BEL Application Net Service
5021 CMW Directory Server IN.Intern.ServiceCmwDirectory
5100 Diagnostic Logging HUB  
5108 Diagnostic Logging Command Engine  
5110 Diagnostic Logging Zeromq sync  
5111 Diagnostic Logging Zeromq async  
5112 Diagnostic Logging Zeromq subscription  
5201 Interlock Software  
5202 Interlock PLC
5205 MASP interlock  
5210 BSS Request Processor RMI productive, cscosv
5211 BSS Scheduling Director RMI productive, csocsv
5212 BSS Scheduling Director MASP receiver udp, productive, csocsv
5230 BSS Tomcat Request Processer Control cscosv, development
5231 BSS Scheduling Director RMI, cscosv development
5232 BSS Request Processor RMI, cscosv development
5233 BSS Tomcat Request Processor Listener http, development, cscosv
5234 BSS Scheduling Director MASP receiver udp, development, csocsv
5240 fesa config db dev RMI, cscosv, se.mueller
5241 fesa config db pro RMI, cscosv, se.mueller
5250 JAPC-Device Access Information Service Dev RMI, cscosv, v.rapp
5251 JAPC-Device Access Information Service Pro RMI, cscosv, v.rapp
5252 cscoap launcher grpc, cscoap, a.schaller
5405 Corosync ring 0 IN.Intern.RHCS
5406 Corosync ring 1 IN.Intern.RHCS
5407 Corosync ring 1 IN.Intern.RHCS
5555 omni Data Protector
7500 CMW Directory Server Rest interface IN.Intern.ServiceCmwDirectory
7770 ufcserver Userface Server
7771 ufcserver Userface Server testport
7772 ufcserver Userface Server testport
7801 coat RMI, orbit control program b.schlei
7806 operdb RMI, oper datenbank interface, development, cscosv
7807 operdb RMI, oper datenbank interface, productive, cscosv
20100+ unittests ports used in unittests.
Not for long running services
You still need to coordinate if other people are running unittests on the same host.
52310 Mirko Mirko calculation service soap
52315 ACC nameservice  
52325-52335 LSA Services Applications.LsaRMIServer
54321 AccAlarm  
54999 RemoteCoredump Remote Coredump Receiver
55000 DMANendpoint Ombi Orb endpoint devman
49152-65535 BEL Applications Range of dynamically used ports for AP IPC
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