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RPM Repostiory Index

Using NExus as artifact repository it might be beneficial to automaticly provide rpm and deb/ipkg/opkg indexes of deployed artifacts. For rpm a plugin has been created for other a groovy script might help see


How to rollout the created packages?

  • pom.xml that uses dependency-unpack to target directory.
  • pom.xml that uses an assembly that unpacks to target directory.
    • one pom (has to) describes a complete installations.
  • pom.xml that creates a zip ready to unpack on/into a target system
    • additional manual step. Fetch all zips you want and unpack them
  • Create ipkg/opkg packages. Possibly autodeploy during boot.


  • can we only unpack, not create the zip?
  • can we point the working directory to the target installation?
  • do we want to have external tools that handle the installation of zipfiles?


  • hack maven-pkg-plugin to not include the java dependency
  • integrate maven-pkg-plugin functionality into scons plugin?
  • Extend Scons code to generate control files, etc?
  • have a groupid-artifact -> packagename translation layer
  • create opkg from within python?
  • how to handle versions?
  • use created ipkgs instead of zips?

planning idea

  • build installable zips that include their dependencies
  • use an assembly to create a zip.
  • extend scons-maven-plugin to know InstallDistfile, used to install files that should only end in the assembled zip

How to manage the config files?
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