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1. TIA Portal installation

To upload controller sources to Siemens PLC, you have install the TIA Portal, which is set of tools which provides an engineering framework for implementing automation solutions in all industries around the globe.

Link: Download TIA Portal v16

  • To install TIA Portal on computer in GSI, you have to apply for localadmin account. Please follow that instruction how to get that rights.
  • To install TIA Portal you have to register on Siemens webpage.
  • TIA Portal is not a free software. After installation you can use that for 21 days without a license key.
It is required to install all software from Disk 1 setup. When installation is finished, please run .exe file and follow installer. Please find more detailed installation instructions in official guide.

2. Create controller sources

To create controller source code, please follow SILECS notes.

During creating Fesa Deploy Unit, please update hostname of your PLC and choose righ type of controller (in that case Siemens-PLC). For Siemens PLC fill system, model, protocol, and base-DB-number fields .Important: base-DB-number defines the first data block number from which will store the controller code.


silecs -g ~/path/to/workspace/MyDU/src/MyDU.silecsdeploy

generates the files which have to be loaded into the PLC(s). Files are generated to generated-sources/controller directory.

Example of controller confuguration in silecsdeploy file:

I recommand to use WinSCP program, which provides secure file transfer between computer and remote servers.

3. Upload controller sources to PLC

1. Open project in TIA Portal or create new one.
2. Check connection to PLC.

If you have not done that before add new Device in project tree.

Set IP addresses for interfaces as thwey are on PLC using Online-> Extended go online... on option (on top bar)

3. In project tree, for given device add new external file .scl generated using Silecs.

4. Choose scl file and generate data blocks from them. They will be named as you specified in Fesa.

What is important, according to set base-DB-number in silecsdeply file , please change manually address of Silecs Header DB to match that base DB number.

5. Download changes to device (1), and go online (2) to check if you see data from new data block.

4. Test communication

To check communication, you can use SILECS Diagnostic Tool which can be run by command:

silecs -d ~/path/to/workspace/MyClass/src/MyClass.silecsdeploy

Alternatively, you can also use silecs-cli-client.
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