Update FeDB tables DeviceConfiguration, EquipmentModel, DeviceManager,
and ControlUnit.

The Device Access nameserver updates the FeDB table NewPowerPcDevice
every time devices register at the nameserver. 

This program uses the content of the table NewPowerPcDevice (device
nomenclature, equipment model, equipment model version, and Devman 
nomenclature) as well as the EC nomenclature read via the property 
DEVDESC from the device to update the four FeDB tables mentioned above.

If the EC nomenclature couldn't be read from the device, only the FeDB 
tables DeviceConfiguration, EquipmentModel, and DeviceManager will be 
updated, but not the table ControlUnit.

After a successful update, including the real EC nomenclature, the 
corresponding device entry in table NewPowerPcDevice will be deleted.

A CSCOSV service 'fedbconfig' exists that also does this job, with two 
1. The equipment model version, e.g. MX_23, is taken from the property 
   DEVDESC instead of from the EqVersion column of the NewPowerPcDevice 
2. If DEVDESC couldn't be read from the device, the four FeDB tables 
   will *not* be updated.

  ./fedbupdate ['ACCDBP'|'ACCDBT'|'ACCDBU']  # default: 'ACCDBP'
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