Equipment Model Documentation

API refers to the Application Program Interface generated from the incode-documentation using Doxygen.
Equipment Model refers to the design paper in PDF format.
The page Future of DeviceAccess Front-End Software lists equipment-models which have to be suported on mid-range and long time.

API Equipment ModelSorted ascending Comment Linac only FAIR relevant Outlook
DX Beam Position Monitor       ?? still for phase-probes ??
DTX Beam Trafo (Slow and Fast)       ? replaced by FESA ?
DTTC Beamloss Monitor (High Current)   X    
MB Bumper     X replacement by FESA planed
MBUK Bunch Compressor basiert auf STD   X replace by FESA
DPB Bunchgenerator   X    
DSKM Collimator controlled with uIOC       FESA class for mIOC ready
DSK Collimator, see Stepping Motor nur Properties, greift auf DS zu      
MD DC-Magnet Lastumschaltung, ACUs und DAC/ADC-Karten an einem MIL-Bus
still running in Unilac
(x) X Unilac: available in FESA
DMAN Device Manager eq-model of GµP      
ESAU E-Cooler Special Application Units     X  
ME Elektrostatic Septum     X  
EC Equipment Controller eq-model of EC      
EZR EZR RF basiert auf STD X X  
FBSD Feedback Schottky Diagnose       really used??
HFUM HFU Medien   X    
HSAU HLI Special Application Units basiert auf STD X X  
DCI Integrale Pulsstrommessung Cup   X    
DTI Integrale Pulsstrommessung Trafo   X    
IPS Interactive Peripheral System Poti-Board      
ISDP Ion Source Cup basiert auf STD X    
ISCP Ion Source Current Peak basiert auf STD X X  
ISEE Ion Source Extraction Electrodes basiert auf STD X X  
ISMO Ion Source Motor Drive basiert auf STD X X  
IQX Ion Source Power Supplies   X    
ISAU Ion Source Special Application Units basiert auf STD X X  
MK Kicker object oriented modellation of hardware elements, see outline of EC software   X  
DSM Motor, controlled with uIOC       FESA class for uIOC ready
DSME Motorsteuerung des Injektions-Septums       high reliability parallel-movement of two motors
DPX Phasensonde   X    
PPOS Positionierbarer PLA     X  
PLA Pressluftantriebe        
DGX Profile Grid        
MX Pulsed Magnet HSI Timing, HSI Timing Measurements: #1 #2 #3,
ACUs und DAC/ADC-Karten an einem MIL-Bus
(x) X to be replaced in Unilac
PZUA PZ Unilac Alarmhandling   X    
PZU PZ Unilac Eventverteilung   X    
PZUI PZ Unilac Interlock Choppersteuerung   X    
PZUS PZ Unilac Superzyklus   X    
RPG Rahmenpulsgenerator        
MXS Serial Connected Pulsed Magnet   X    
SWPZ Software Timing Generator Local generation of timing events for software tests
and in ion source test facilities
    not for accelerator operation
ISSP Sputter Puls basiert auf STD X X  
ISSD Sputter Puls Super Device basiert auf STD X    
STD Standard Devices        
STHV Stepping HV new property STEPS2 for LSA      
DS Stepping Motor        
CS Stochastic Cooling        
DC Strommessung Cup   X    
MS Sweeper   X    
CEHV Switch of Electron Cooler       ???
TGX Timing Generator Kicker TG/Kicker synchronization, RF reference signals     already replaced by new synchronisation?
DTC Trafos        
ISVT Turbopump basiert auf STD X X  
BCU Unilac Chopper   X    
UG Unilac Gasstripper   X    
HFU Unilac RF   X    
VVC Vacuum Ventile        
ISRM X-Ray Monitor basiert auf STD X    
See the Documentation HowTo to learn how to generate equipment model API documentation from the incode docu using Doxygen and how to place the API HTMLs as well as the equipment model PDFs ("Gerätemodelle") on the server.

No Longer Used

API Equipment Model Comment
BC SIS Injection Chopper Kalibrierung von GTK7BC1L, replaced by new HW controlled by FESA
PZS PZ SIS/ESR Eventverteilung Schema Synchronisierung SIS/ESR-Pulszentralen, replaced by FESA FAIR-TM
FG Function Generator HW-Description: KO-Exciter, replaced by FESA
GPIB GPIB bus access no longer in use
HVDM HV Power Supplies CAEN replaced by FESA (new HW)
DI Spill Counter replaced by FESA
CE Electron Cooler  
DCV Stromverlauf  
DSI Scraper Current  
EMA Emittance  
HFS HF Synchronisation obsolet, new switch-matrix will use FESA
IT Internal Target ESR  
LXI LXI ethernet access to devices no longer used
TFS Transversal Feedback System  
TG Timing Generator SIS replaced by TGX
DTP Schnelle Strahltrafos Pulsform never implemented
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