Embedded Packages

as of 2014 el6, embedded packaging is handled with opkg.


Boot Order

Anything that should execute at boot is in /etc/init/boot.d. First setup network and central logging, so we can read any errors. Initialize basic system (post opkg configuration, set correct time, etc). Initialize hardware drivers. System services. User Sevices.

  • 01: ldconfig
  • 05: network
  • 10: syslog
  • 20: basic system setup. opkg, ntpd
  • 50: hardware init (except network). ec_irpts, cti_serial
  • 60: system services: dropbear
  • 70:
  • 80:
  • 90: legacy: nfsinit

Kernel Modules

A few hardware kernel modules are required. These packages are kernel specific. They are named kmod-$KERNELTYPE-$MODULE and always have the same version as the kernel. Any release of a kernel requires to recompile ALL kmods.

-- ChristophHandel - 13 Oct 2014
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