How to move a deploy-unit to a different FEC / How to rename the FEC?

Note: This recipe uses the DB mechanism that assigns every instance an ID. This was introduced to rename instances and only by coincidence also works to move instances. It should be used with caution and it may break in the future.

Prerequisite: A FESA-Deploy-unit is released on a FEC named abc.

Aim: You want to move it to FEC xyz. Nothing else should change, but DB entries have to be updated accordingly and on a release the DU should be released to xyz.

Works with: FESA 5.0.1, Eclipse plugin 2.9.9, (27.06.2019)
  • @deploy
    • Add FEC
      • FEC name = xyz
      • Create new Instance: NO (uncheck)
      • Timing network: same as before (check in instance file > classes > MYCLASS > device-instance > configuration > timingDomain)
    • Add Instance
      • Instantiation class name: DeviceData _MYCLASS_DU (leave as is)
      • Select FEC(s): select xyz
      • Clone existing instance file: Select instance file from FEC abc
      • Instance name: DeviceData _MYCLASS_DU (leave as is)
  • @instance file
    • classes > device-instance > name: MY_INSTANCE_new -> MY_INSTANCE
    • !!! important !!! without this step the export to DB will fail !!!
      open the old instance file and look for:
      <device-instance ID="SOME_NUMBER" name="MYDEVICE" state="operational">
      copy the ID="SOME_NUMBER" to the new instance file
    • Export FESA instance to the database
      • Are you sure? : OK
  • @konsole, check that export to db worked: fesa-deploy-unit-info –i/d/p FESA_CLASS_NAME, the list should contain the instance on FEC xyz
  • Now you can release the deploy-unit (including the new instance file) to the FEC xyz as usual
    (no guarantee, when I did this there were other problems, but they were most likely unrelated to this moving procedure)
  • Inform V.Rapp or S.Mueller, the old entries have to be removed from the DB

-- TobiasHabermann - 27 Jun 2019
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