Device Configuration in FESA3 4.2.0

From FESA3 4.2.0 on the timing configuration for White Rabbit based timing is different. The CCT has decided to introduce the concept of timing groups ( This implies the following changes in FESA software configuration:
  • The element "timingDomain" shall contain "<Timing Group Name>#<Timing Group Number>". A code/ID is required.
  • The element "acceleratorZone" shall contain "<Accelerator Zone Name>". No code/ID is required anymore.
For convenience the position of the accelerator and timingdomain node in the instance files have been switched. This step is performed automatically when an instance file will be updated from FESA3 4.0.0 to FESA3 4.2.0 . From FESA3 4.2.0 on the configuration of an instance is started by selecting the accelerator first, then the timingDomain (which corresponds to the timing group) and in the end the accelerator zone.

The configuration is taken from the file /common/usr/timing/groupsAndEvents/TimingConfigurationWR_V1.xml . This file is generated from information in a dedicated controls database.

Please refer to FESA3AccTimingZones for further, more concrete and detailed information.
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