Debugging via Console

Debugging on asl cluster (gdb fully available)

On the asl cluster start your start script with the "-g"-option:
./startManually_<deploy-unit name>_<X>.sh -g 

This launches the binary with GDB and breaks at the beginning of the main function.

Remote Debugging on the FEC (only via gdb server)

  • log in on the FEC
  • cd to /opt/fesa/nfs/local/<FECname>/<DUname>
  • launch the start script with the option "-r" for remote debugging:
./startManually_<deploy-unit name>_<X>.sh -r 
  • connect to the deploy-unit running as GDB server:
    • via Eclipse, see FESA3RemoteDebug
    • or via console:
      • on the asl cluster cd to your DUProject <DUname>/src/test/<FECname>
      • launch the start script with the option "-c" to listen to the open remote debugging session

Using Debug tools on the FEC

It is possible to install some debugging tools, like ldd and strace on a FEC. These tools will exists there till reboot. To do so, execute the following on a FEC:
opkg update
opkg install ldd
opkg install strace
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