FESA Client Software

Quick Access

The FESA3 Explorer Tool: FEX

The FESA Explorer 'FEX' is a generic JAVA application which is recommended for testing FESA classes. It can simply be started from any instance file within the Eclipse development environment. Just press the button "Launch FESA Explorer" (navigator.png) in the FESA Eclipse plug-in. The button is visible in the toolbar for FESA instance files.

On questions regarding the FESA Explorer please contact HaraldBraeuning .

Command line tools and test

To access properties of running FESA software the following clients may be used within the asl cluster:
Tool Description Usage Example
get-rda3-c++ Performs read of a property get-rda3-c++ -d <device name> -p <property name> -s <DU name>.<host name>
set-rda3-c++ Performs write of a property set-rda3-c++ -d <device name> -p <property name> -s <DU name>.<host name> -v <values>
subscribe-rda3-c++ Performs a subscription on a property subscribe-rda3-c++ -d <device name> -p <property name> -s <DU name>.<host name>
cscosv-device-test.sh Tests the full stack (Nameserver, CMW/RDA3, JAPC) cscosv-device-test.sh <device name> <property name>

Developing own FESA Client Software

Simple C++ Client

  • The sources of an example c++-client can be found here
  • Build the client by executing "make all" on the command line. "make clean" will remove all temporary build files and the binary
  • The linked client currently is configured to work with the FESA3-HandsOn. Feel free to modify it according to your needs.

Experimental Python Interface

A rudimentary experimental Python interface is provided on asl73x-cluster:

module cmwrda.py
  • Python-usage: >>> import cmwrda
  • supports synchronous get (read) and set (write) operations
  • intended to support full range of RDA-datatypes, however not all are tested
  • requires proper set-up of environment variables for directory server
    e.g. by calling source /opt/fesa/fesa-fwk/2.0.1/fesa-environment-gsi/fesa3_environment.conf

JAPC Client

Bevore using a JAPC client, you need to register your FESA software in the FESA database that is tended by the services group CSCOSV. In order to do so, please refer to the manual that is provided in the FESA Wiki .
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