TestClass / RDADataTypesTest

This class is for application developers to test reading and writing properties and values.

Running instances

Will in future run on a dedicated test system. For now they are not always available. Currently available on the virtual frontend vmla01.
  1. TestDeployUnit.vmla01 RDADataTestDevice


Name Type Field Info
AllTypes Setting
  • boolValue
  • int8Value
  • int16Value
  • int32Value
  • int64Value
  • floatValue
  • doubleValue
  • stringValue
bool, char, short int, long int, long long int, float, double, char *
AllTypesArray Setting
  • boolValueArray
  • int8ValueArray
  • int16ValueArray
  • int32ValueArray
  • int64ValueArray
  • floatValueArray
  • doubleValueArray
  • stringValueArray
bool, char, short int, long int, long long int, float, double, char *

Further Developement

Change requests are welcome.


FESA3 class: RDADataTypesTest

FESA3 deploy-unit: RDADataTypesTestDU

Simple C++ client: RDADataTypesTestClient



  • Rename to RDADataTypesTest / RDADataTypesTestDU - OK
  • test whether the values set during the test can be retrieved again - OK
  • use client like Solveigh's /home/bel/matthies/lnx/runtime-EclipseApplication/RDADataTypesTestClient that tests all the available properties and values - OK
  • test what happens if array dimensions are not met (e.g. overflow) - OK
  • test two-dimensional arrays - not possible yet, see https://www-acc.gsi.de/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=367
  • adapt test software for 64 bit systems once FESA3 is ready
  • test long long data types on x86_64 systems only - BUG? see https://www-acc.gsi.de/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=366
  • test insertion of wrong types - OK
  • test string type / string arrays - string types OK
  • test uint types
  • support an enum test type (like .e.g ON-OFF-UNKNOWN)
-- MatthiasWiebel - 19 Mar 2013
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