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Alarm States of Front End Devices Devices should display critical conditions by alarms. For each device type, it has to be defined what should be signaled by an a...
Alarm System Purpose of the System The Alarm System is a software system to enable operators to identify and locate conditions of hardware and software component...
BTM System Project Scope The purpose of the Beam Transmission Monitor (BTM) System is to track the beam particle intensities and transmission looses along the Be...
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Specifications, Technical Guidelines, Development Guidelines The most relevant guidelines for FAIR Control System development should be linked here : ) Please no...
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Device Information (timing, constants, etc..) The goal is to be able to have device information (about timing aspects like necessary events, delays, constants in ...
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Condition Values and Texts Requirements and Ideas Note: In the meantime, based on the ideas of this article, a first prototype has been developed (see Service...
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List of used technologies, frameworks, libraries (to be discussed!) This list lists all technologies, frameworks, libraries that are used within the control syste...
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Conference Contributions and Control System Related Papers Please edit this page only using the 'Edit Wiki Text' mode. Not WYSIWYG. GSI Papers Bunch to Bucket T...
Diagnostic Logging System Purpose of the System The Diagnostic Logging service provides the functionality to store human readable text entries generated by any c...
FAIR Accelerator Control System General Glossary Glossary Overview This web intents to define and explain the most important and relevant technical terms of ...
Multiplexing and Data Indexing this page is presently under construction Concept for Structuring Beams Beam Production Chain (BPC, aka Beam) The Beam Produc...
System Information Present Development System Environment and Configuration This is the present system environment, for upcoming Releases check the target enviro...
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Hardware Interlock System Bla Main.FredericAmeil 29 Nov 2019
Controls Entwicklungsforum Das Controls Entwicklungsforum stellt ein Forum für Entwickler dar. Neue Entwicklungen und Konzepte sollen innerhalb der Abteilung präs...
BTM Meeting with AP Meeting: 18h July 2017 Participants: Jutta Fitzek, Hanno Hüther, Raphael Müller, Vitaliy Rapp Minutes: V.Rapp, state: Draft Outcome Discussio...
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PLinac LLRF Information on PLinac LLRF project TimeLine For developing the FESA/PLC software for this project a timeline has been suggested:
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The FAIR Central Accelerator Control System This is the public Wiki section. Follow this link for the Control System Internal Wiki section (restricted access). ...
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