Multiplexing and Data Indexing

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Concept for Structuring Beams

Beam Production Chain (BPC, aka Beam)

The Beam Production Chain describes the beam from source to destination across the accelerator facility. Destination can be either an experiment at the end or also e.g. a storage ring. Source could be an ion source but if appropriate also again a storage ring.


To combine beam production chains for execution, the overall schedule is described in terms of a beam pattern. It describes the planned execution of several beam production chains and their ordering. The pattern already includes planned alternatives (if any) for e.g. error situations. A pattern can be executed indefinitely, i.e. until the beam planning is changed by operators and other beam production chains are scheduled. Several patterns can be preconfigured.


The "Selector"

FESA: The Device FESA classes use the Process-Index (P_IDX) and the Sequence-Index in the Selector directy for addressing the data array slots to store the setting data.

LSA: ...

Timing-System: ...

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