Functional Requirements

  • All B2B and bunch to fixed target transfer at FAIR shall be supported.
  • Both synchronization methods are available: Phase Shift and Frequency Beating .
  • The B2B transfer should be fulfilled within 10 ms and the precision better than 1 degree of the phase difference between bunch to bucket center.
  • The GMT shall be capable of providing two timing messages to beam diagnostics: The 1st one can be used for trigger generation in coincidence with the beginning of the so-called "synchronization window". The 2nd one is a follow-up message used to distribute the time and the result (OK, error, ...) of the transfer.
  • The B2B system has a close link to the MPS, that provides signals to inhibit extraction or triggers emergency extraction.
  • The B2B system generates a trigger signal for the kicker firing.

-- DietrichBeck - 13 Feb 2017
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