General remarks

Because access to devices and database is only possible from the ACC Network the LSA development takes place on the ´╗┐GSI/B/BEL/IN managed Linux cluster (machines asl740, asl741, ...).

Support for this servers is provided by BEL/IN.
Information on applying for an account on these machines is provided in the IN Web under the topic UserAccount.

Java and Eclipse configuration

A Java 1.8 installation (Java SE Development Kit (JDK) 8) is already installed on the IN Linux cluster. During development keep in mind that the cluster is configured for 64bit (OS, Java, etc.).
Typing "echo $JAVA_HOME" in a console on the cluster should reveal the location of the java installation.

Configuring Eclipse

See Eclipse Configuration

SVN access

SVN access to lsa-packages (residing both in the GSI and CERN Subversion):
Open the "SVN repository exploring perspective" and add both repositories:

Setting up needed projects in Eclipse

Import projects from svn

While we are importing projects from the CERN common-build repository there might be changes on a project were our build system (Maven) will not expect it. This is due to the fact the common-build can resolve some dependencies on the fly, you can e.g. specify a dependency on the version "LATEST" and this depends of course on the version available. If you already have a workspace we suggest to delete the folder "~/.m2/repository/cmmnbuild" before you proceed. Note that this may render older workspaces unusable!

To create a new workspace and import all necessary projects from the Subversion repository, please execute the following command:
/common/usr/lsa/bin/mkws <workspacename>

(or mkws-dev for LSA core developers).

Afterwards, start Eclipse select the workspace that was created by the script an import all the projects.

If necessary, select all projects and execute right mouse click -> configure -> convert to maven project.

Temporary: Fixing compile errors

When the popup appears to install certain plugins for Eclipse, please try to do so. If this works fine, please skip to the next section.

If this automatic install fails (in some environments with the current Eclipse version it does), then choose "Resolve all later". If so, certain configuration has to be done manually: if the project lsa-domain-generated-gsi shows an error:
  1. pom.xml shows an error: please do an automatic bugfix with the bug solution proposed by the Eclipse xml editor ("Permanently mark goal as ignored .. in Eclipse build). Please do not checkin this fix.
  2. Select lsa-domain-generated-gsi and all other projects with compile errors that have the error "Project configuration is not up-to-date with pom.xml. Run project configuration update." please do right mouse -> maven -> update project configuration (select the checkbox "force update of snapshots / releases").
  3. This should no longer be necessary with eclipse kepler (but if you have problems you may try it): On lsa-domain-generated-gsi run: right mouse -> run as.. -> maven generate-sources. Afterwards, remove all existing build path source folder entries of lsa-domain-generated-gsi : Project -> Properties -> Java build path -> tab "source" -> remove all existing entries and add the folder lsa-domain-generated-gsi/target/generated-sources/java instead.
Now the full stack should compile. If not please call the lsa-core team. wink

Getting a running application

LSA applications should run out of the box in 2-tier mode. In particular, no VM arguments have to be set. The required arguments are defined in lsa-client-gsi in the file and will be automatically loaded.



If you are interested in an overview of the database schema, it is available here: LSA_DB_Schema.png

Database Tools: Oracle SQLDeveloper

Please see the following HowTo page, which describes how to configure the Oracle SQLDeveloper.

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